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Do you think an art work hanging in your house or office is the "Status & Intellectual" Symbols!

for:Soma Das Devalaya Barman Arts
for:Albert Ashok Grazing Cattle Barman Arts
for:Kanchan Jana Untitled - I Barman Arts
for:Soma Das Thinking Barman Arts
for:Pavel Banerjee A contrast Barman Arts
for:Prasenjit nath DURGA Barman Arts
for:Arunesh Choudhary Wedding Barman Arts
for:Bijendra pratap PET LOVER-2 Barman Arts
for:SHYAMAL SIKDAR Maa Barman Arts
for: Mystique Barman Arts

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"Every Child is an artist. The Problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up"-Pablo Picasso.