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"Every Child is an Artist. The Problem is How to Remain an Artist once we Grow up"-Pablo Picasso.


Ajay De

February 14, 1967


Government College of Arts and Crafts, Calcutta.
Post-graduate, Sir J.J. Art school. Bombay.


2015 The Butterfly People at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai Gallery Art & Soul, Mumbai Maya Gallery, Pune
2014 Fine Arts of India, Mumbai
2011 Nakshatra Gallery, Kolkata
2010 The Japanese Girl Gallery Art & Soul, Mumbai Tilting Art Gallery, Pune.
2009 THE LAST COMMUNIST at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2008 28, The Gallery, Cork Street, London, Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi. Bijutsu Sekai Gallery, Tokyo
2007 The Art House, Singapore
2006 Aicon Gallery, Parlo Alto, CA, USA.
2004 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2003 Asian Cultural Center, New York
2002 Gallery at Resource Trust, Mumbai Studios, Pune
2001 Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai
2000 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
1999 Taj Art Gallery, Bombay
1998 Nao Gallery, Tokyo. Oberoi Hotel Mumbai, Taj Art Gallery, Mumbai
1997 Artists Centre, Mumbai. Sumukha Gallery, Bengaluru
1996 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
1995 AIFACS New Delhi
1994 Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta


2016 Art Reflections, Mumbai
2011 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2010 A. SYCO, The Observation Room, Mumbai
2010 Black is Beautiful, Indian Fine Arts, Mumbai
2010 Figures in sculptures and paintings, Jamaat Art Gallery, Mumbai
2009 Sacred and Secular, Fine Arts of India, Mumbai
2009 Art & Soul Gallery, Mumbai, Mahua Art Gallery, Bangalore
2008 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2006 Visual art, Cork Street, London
2005 Gallery Reflection, Hong Kong, Taj Blue Diamond Hotel, Pune, Gallery Nakstra, Kolkata
2004 Taj Blue Diamond Hotel, Pune, India Exhibition, Dubai
2003 Taj Blue Diamond Hotel, Pune, Gallery 127, Mumbai
2002 Taj Hotel Blue Diamond, Pune
2001 Singapore
1994 Artifact, New Delhi


2009-17 Participated in many art camps and invitational shows in many cities in India and around the world.
2008 Asian Art Exhibition Tokyo Museum One Tokyo, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2007 Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai
2006 Mumbai Festival, Mumbai, Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai
2005 India Habitat Center, New Delhi, Art Gallery of India, Pune
2004 Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai, Taj Blue Diamond Hotel, Pune, Harmony Show, Mumbai, Tao of Shiva, Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai, Sun Sand Hotel, Pune
2003 R.P.G Art Camp, Mumbai, Icon of Bengal Show at NGMA by R.P.G, Mumbai, Harmony Show, Mumbai, The Horse Show, Boat Club, Pune, Taj Hotel Art Camp, Mumbai
2002 Jehangir Art Gallery 50 Years Celebration, Mumbai, Harmony Show, Mumbai, R.P.G Mela Show, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, Taj Blue Hotel, Pune, R.P.G Art Camp Mumbai, Oberoi Hotel Art Camp, Mumbai, Lake Palace Art Camp, Udaipur.
2001 R.P.G Art Camp, Mumbai, Harmony show, Mumbai
1998 Colors of India, Dubai, Cymrazo Art Gallery, Mumbai, Taj Blue Diamond, Pune.
1997-95 Taj Blue Diamond, Pune, Academy of Fine Arts, Pune



Life for me began when I was six years old. It was the first time I took a piece of coal and expressed my most intimate feelings on paper. Watching my mother at work, her fingers moving deftly, she often wondered what she was thinking as she performed her normal tasks.


I channeled my energies into artistic expressions and learned the correct way to stroke the paper with my fingers and thumb and even the palm of my hand while making charcoal drawings. The black and white tones of this medium did not discourage me because I was not afraid to swim against the current. I knew there was more truth in black and white and that color, although attractive, was not enough of a challenge for me. I honed my skills in art college by drawing inspiration from childhood images, which had left an indelible impression on my mind. One exhibition followed another and with that grew my determination to embrace this as my art and my life. I've come a long way since I was that shy, reticent six-year-old who often wondered about life's secrets.


Experiences have been my domain and have taught me the realities of life, which no school can teach. Life has also left its marks, as my drawings portray. I am still learning and will continue to do so, so I am grateful to everyone who helped me, consciously or unconsciously, become who I am today. But above all they share a part of themselves with me, accepting my art. and my life.


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