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Privacy Policy

The Following is a Full Disclosure Statement of The Information Gathered Through Barman Arts and how we use it.


Our website will place small files called cookies on your computer. However, these cookies will contain handy information for fast check out whenever you visit our website. Our website will place small text files, i.e. cookies on your hard drive. Your browser should allow these cookies. The cookies may contain third party information for a specific purpose. You may wish to visit our Barman Arts Online without any cookies. It will enhance the customer’s preference by enabling cookies on your hard drive. If you wish to avoid cookies, then you have to disable cookies option from your browser. You may check the browser help section to know more about the cookies. Cookies will store address and other interested information required for faster access.

Do we ask for registration?

Registering on our website before placing an order is mandatory. It will help us to serve the customer in a better way. Apart from that you can view and edit orders from account section. You can access the order status after login into your account in Barman arts Online.

How do we protect user information?

Our website can access personal information to identify the buyers. We may collect data from ‘My Gallery’ section of our website. You shall get unique USERNAME and PASSWORD to access your account. Once you are registered with our website, you can place orders with a worldwide shipment. It will help us to protect the privacy of the individual users by providing regular updates. There is a dedicated personality identification service to assist you in different situations. It can identify you completely without any mistakes. We will store your address in our directory, so you don’t have to type again during next time checking out. We shall store your billing and shipping address without any problem. The information will be used for merchandise purpose, not for the marketing purpose. We will not share the information with any third parties.

What we collect?

If you have placed an order on our website, then we shall collect certain information from your account. However, we may invite you to log in which is not mandatory. The user account will help us to identify the real user. We may collect email and other personal information to create a user account. You can update your account from the ‘My Gallery’ section by clicking ‘update account information’ from the list.

How to place an order?

It is quite easy to place an order. There will be a account for you before you made any purchase. You have to complete the account information including address, Bank Account details, contact details and more. There are sensitive fields in the account; it will help you to deliver the masterpiece. Our website features a user-friendly UI to ensure a trouble-free experience. This information will not be shared with any third party. We may collect them for merchandise use, and we can share them with our logistics partners.

How about the privacy of children?

We never collect information from minors or children under the age of 13 years. Our website is not designed to attract under the age of 13 years. If you want to use our website, make sure you are an adult. If you have any question regarding practices and privacy statement, then you should contact us.