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Terms and Conditions

Our Services and Products are Provided Subject to The Following Terms and Conditions


Please note the following terms & conditions governing your use of Barman Arts. PLEASE READ THEM

What are the terms and conditions?

We have few terms and conditions to protect the interest of the buyers. You should read our terms and conditions before you purchase any painting. If you are going to use the services from our website, then certain laws will be applicable. If you are not happy with the terms, then you may wish to leave our website. It is advisable to read all the terms and conditions before you purchase a masterpiece.

We may conduct with other business to offer affiliate programs. It may include the current website or any new website. If you are happy with the conditions, then you should follow the guidelines. Our website consists of certain guidelines and conditions to control the affiliate programs. We have consistent guidelines to help our buyers.

What about modification and copyright?

There might be some modification and alteration to the conditions without any notice. You should check out the updated terms from our website. We have the rights to update any particular condition of the Barman arts Online without any notice. We have copyright for our art and website in the year of 2012.

How is the privacy?

We are very strict when it comes to privacy of our website. There are specific rules to govern your privacy after visiting our website. You could read privacy policy to understand the real deal.

How is the electronic communication?

Communication is a very important aspect of a website. If you are going to send us an email or browse through our website, then you are communicating with us. We may send you an email containing notices relating to barman arts online. When it comes to any legal requirement, we shall send you such data over email to satisfy your needs. If you are ok with those agreements, then you could visit our website.

Why should you check our disclaimer?

There might be certain risks in software, information and products on the internet. The same goes for our website too. If you are using Barman arts online website, then you are aware of such risks completely. The risks are related to purchasing, retrieving and more via the internet. There will be free information on our website for the convenient use of the visitors. However, this information is directly related to art and products.

We have brought reasonable care for the content for our website. However, we do not provide any warranty on the accuracy of the content. It may not be up-to-date or complete on our website. Our website uses servers for available uninterrupted and error-free service to the customers. There are no harmful virus and content to our free service. The content may relate technical and practical inaccuracies to barman arts online website.

We may not relate any information to the medical, legal, personal and financial decision of the website. If there is any advice related to such aspect the user should consult with an expert before providing such information to the website. He/she can provide specific advice to your situation.

How does payment system work?

If you are going to purchase any artwork, then you must be aware of the prescribed provision. There is an integrated payment system on our website to help the buyer. There will be no limit on the information of credit card number and expiry date. We do not store any personal information related to payment. However, the user should pay all the charges required for any particular purchase.

How good is the shipping?

We provide international and domestic shipping for our buyers. We can ship worldwide except Germany at 30 USD and India without any sweat. We also provide fast delivery and shipping in various locations. We shall estimate the time when you have placed an order based on the availability of service and shipping options. When we are done with the authenticity of the order, then you shall get a tracking number of your order. You can track your order by using that number on the gallery page.

You can see shipping as well as delivery dates from the same page. We shall send you an email containing information of costs and purchase. However, it is directly related to the shipping option and weight of the painting. Apart from that, there are many dominating factors and policies of the shipping companies to reflect the estimated delivery time.

How is the cancellation?

If you are not happy with your purchase, then you can cancel at any point. Your payment will be reversed to your bank account or credit card. There are no cancellation charges for our orders. In the case of cancellation of dispatched products, you have to pay a minor service charge for that. We shall deduct that amount before reversing the payment to your original payment method.

Things you should know about return policy

Barman brings not only suspicious paintings but also superior return policies. You can return any product we shall not ask you the cause. However, there is a ten days return policy with every painting. The ten days return policy will start from the day of receiving the product. However, the refund will be allowed once we verify the request. We shall return you the entire money after a reduction in shipping charges. You have to bear the shipping charges and return charge. We will provide you with the money after checking out any physical damage to the product. You can directly request a refund from the website. You can email us to know more about your queries.

General laws

There will be exclusive jurisdiction when it comes to terms and condition of our website. If you are facing any problems and dispute related to the product or shipment, then jurisdiction will be carried out to the Kolkata high court. The provisions of the terms will not be effective for unauthorised access. There must be some agreement between our website and the client about the joint partnership, ventures and other relations. You cannot use our website in the above cases. If we found such agreement invalid, then there will be limited warranty. In the case of deemed and suspicious provisions then there will be invalid agreement.

How do we deal with the enforceable provisions?

When it comes to enforceable provisions, the closely matched with the original provisions will be counted. These agreements shall be valid for general provisions and enforceable provisions. When it comes to specified provisions, our website will consider the agreement of the countries. We may contemporary provide specific proposals with good communication. We offer different types of communications including written, oral and electronic with our clients. You can ask for a printed version of the administrative and judicial proceeding including the base agreement. It will help you to extend the subject. We may provide you with a hard copy of the documents to maintain our provisions.

Is there any shipping insurance?

We ship our products with carrier insurance. However, in some cases, we also ship without any shipping insurance. It is only applicable for pre-order with USD currency. In the case of insurance free shipping, the risk is related to the buyer.