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International Order

Buyers can Purchase Artwork and Painting online at Negotiable Price!

What will be the delivery method?

We offer domestic and international delivery for our customers. We can ship and deliver paintings to any address with the help of our shipping partners. We can ship international addresses. However, there is a limitation because you cannot track an international shipment. It applies to every country except Germany. We use DHL or FedEx courier shipping companies to ship paintings and artwork. It is expected to deliver most of the international destinations without any problem. You may contact the customer support team for international shipping.

Estimated date of delivery
Whenever you place an order, we will give you an estimated date of delivery after verifying the order. The actual delivery may take similar time; it may be changed in certain situations. The estimated date will vary because of the customs clearance and more. In the case of international shipment, it can take up to 20 business days to deliver. However, there is no tracking system available for international shipment.
Shipping rates
There are no fixed rates of shipping. The rates will vary based on the order size and order type. Apart from that, many dominating factors decides shipping rate. You can see the shipping rate charges from the DHL and FedEx website.
How to check order status?
You can check order status of the current order from the ‘my gallery’ section. There will be a track button to track your orders. When an order is placed, we will send you a confirmation email containing all the information related to tracking.
What are the payment options?

We accept different types of payment methods including Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Cash on Delivery and more. In the case of unsupported payment method, we would love to accept USD order currencies on our Indian funds. You should follow the price fluctuation related to orders. In the case of international delivery, we cannot guaranty you about the total price because of the fluctuation in exchange rate.

Supported currency
You can browse and order any art/painting from our website in INR currency. When it comes to international orders, we accept USD. However, there is a fluctuation in exchange rates. We cannot guaranty on your total amount because of the variable exchange rate. It will be applicable for non-INR payment.
How do we handle international returns?
If you are not satisfied with the product, then you can ask for a refund. However, there is a 10-days refund policy with certain conditions. We will refund you after charging a deduction for shipping.
How to claim a return?

It is very easy to claim a refund within ten days of receipt. You may follow the steps from the behind of the invoice. You may also contact us by a phone call at +919874755069 or email to return support.

Things you should know about international shipping including duties and taxes

You have to pay customs charges and duties to claim your package in some countries. However, it might be free for few countries as suggested by the laws. You should contact the local postage service to know more about the specific shipping information. We cannot control these duties and customs taxes as the laws prescribe it.

Why can we not ship to any particular country?

Some shipping restrictions are why we are unable to ship in some countries. If you cannot select your destination during shipping, then we can deliver the product to your address without any problem. If you are unable to select the country, then we cannot deliver the same. We ship the paintings overseas for low-cost shipment.

How about easy buying guide?

There are no buying guides for the paintings. However, you can read the terms and conditions to ensure safety and liabilities of the buyer. We care for our customer that is why we ship every product with care. There are easy steps to place a bulk order. You may search online painting buying guide to ensure safety. It will help you to avoid any complexities while shopping online. You can pay us by using various payment methods including reputed credit cards. We offer fast shipping and delivery to your doorsteps.
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