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  • Artist Name: Devidas Dharmadhikari
  • Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
  • Size: 84 Inch X 36 Inch
  • Year: 2022
  • Status: In Stock
  • Product Code: BART203940
  • Price: | 1 $

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Artist Resume

Devidas Dharmadhikari

7th July 1972 Akluj Sholapur Maharashtra


G.D Art (painting) from the Art Institute, Kolhapur


2016 Jehangir Art Gallery Bombay
2013 Prakrit Art Gallery Chennai
2013 Jehangir Art Gallery Bombay
2009 G Gallery Banglore
2009 Jehangir Art Gallery Bombay
2008 Ayya Art Gallery Chennai (Don't Stamp Me)
2008 Artist of the Month Indian Art Collector
2007 Don't Stamp Me, Suchitrra Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2006 Dusk Gallery Mumbai. Tune tones
2004 Jehangir Bombay Art Gallery. Reliving nostalgia


2020 Prakrit Art, Chennai
2018 Art Pilgrim Live, Gurugram
2018 Veda Gallery, Chennai
2018 Cymroza Art Gallery, Colors of Mumbai Life, CPAA Presents
2018 Ati World Spa West Club Art Gallery Gurgaon
2018 World Trade Center, Mumbai
2017 Artist Center Mumbai ART YARD presents
2017 Art Corridor, Taj West End, Bengaluru
2016 Prakrit Art, Chennai
2016 Veda Gallery Chennai
2014 Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai
2013 Perl Art Gallery Delhi
2013 My Indian Art Gallery, Kolkata
2013 Art Fiesta Gallery, Dubai
2012 Ark Art Gallery, Pune
2012 Religare Art, Saket, New Delhi
Art Festival 2012, Dubai
2012 LIFE EXPRESSIONS, CPAA, at The Viewing Room, Mumbai
2012 CLOUD 9, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi
2012 Hotel Leela Bangalore Gallery Art Chutney
2012 Blue Art Gallery, New Delhi.
2012 ARTICULATED Westin Gurgaon Habiart Foundation, Delhi
2011 Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi.
2011 Renaissance Art Gallery, Bangalore
2011 Art2Day Gallery, Pune
2011 Dhiyoh Light Fountain, Mumbai Museum Art Gallery.
2011 Red Line, Mumbai Art Gallery Museum.
2011 Colors of Life curated by C.P.A.A.
2010 United Artist, Mumbai Museum Art Gallery.
2010 Visual Art Gallery India Habitat Center Delhi. joy gallery
2010 India International Art Fair, Pragati Maidan New Delhi.
2010 Colors of Life curated by C.P.A.A.
2010 Confluence 2010 a contemporary art auction at the Taj Hotel Coromandel Chennai
2010 1x8 Museum art gallery Mumbai.
2009 Cymroza Bombay Art Gallery
2009 Camlin Art Foundation. Central zone
2008 Krsala Arts, Bengaluru.
2008 Asia House Quartet Art Gallery London
2008 Confluence Prakrit Art Gallery, Chennai
2008 Joie Gallery New Delhi.
2008 Cymroza Bombay Art Gallery
2008 Perfect Lines Easel Art Gallery.
2008 Lalit Kala Academy New Delhi
2007 Cymroza Bombay Art Gallery
2007 Nehru Art Fusion Centre, Mumbai
2005 100 Contemporary Indian Artist, Mumbai
2003 01 Lagas (Ikoyi Cresent).
2003 New York.
2003 Kalart Gallery, San Francisco.
2003 Nehru Memorial Hall, Pune.
2003 Khushboo Art Gallery, Pune.
2003 Swastika Gallery, New Delhi.
2003 Artimiator Gallery, Netherlands.


2008 MULTI, Pondicherry
1996-95 Bombay Art Society
1996 Birla Art Academy
1995 Lalit Kala Akademi


1995 First Prize V.V Oak Exhibition



Devidas Dharmadhikari was born in Pandharpur, Maharashtra in 1972. He obtained his PhD in Art (painting) from the Kolhapur Institute of Art.


Well known for his horse paintings, Devidas is a figurative artist who has worked with various mediums, including oil, acrylic, pastels, and watercolors, throughout his 15-year artistic career. Acrylics on canvas are his preferred medium for most of his paintings.


Like many other artists, poets, and writers, Devidas found his muse in steel. The only thing that has real form on his canvas is his subjects; horses. Everything else is abstract. He often paints two horses in contrasting tones (black and white or brown and white) in his works. These colors complement and contrast each other, the yin to the other's yang, both incomplete without the other. The running horses in Devidas Dharmadhikari's paintings are a metaphor for life: people often stand still in one place, tied to chains, unwilling or unable to free themselves, mistaking their bonds for the sash.


The artist paints horses, mostly running and galloping, perhaps in open fields. He focuses on the horses' postures and their muscle strength. The flowing mane and raised hooves portray the movement of the horses as if the artist had frozen these animals in the air, to capture the perfect moment.


Over the years, Devidas has exhibited his works in numerous art exhibitions in many Indian and international cities including Mumbai, Bengaluru, New Delhi, Chennai, London, New York, and San Francisco. He also received First Price at the V.V. Oak Exhibition, Pune.


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