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Ganesha - IV

  • Artist Name: Balabhakta Raju
  • Medium: Charcoal, watercolor on Paper
  • Size: 13 Inch X 10 Inch
  • Year: 2022
  • Status: In Stock
  • Product Code: BART781535
  • Price: 15000 | 180 $

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Artist Resume

Balabhakta Raju

May 6, 1974 Hyderabad


BFA, DMS Lalithakala Mahasamsthana, Mysore.


2005 Kala Bhavan, Hyderabad
2005 Gallery Space, Hyderabad
2006 Lakshana Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2007 Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad, Bengaluru
2007 Indian Academy of Fine Arts, Amritsar
2007 Nehru Center Art Gallery, Mumbai
2008 State Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2010 State Art Gallery, Hyderabad


2003 Kala Bhavan, Hyderabad
2004 State Art Gallery
2005 Art Aid Tsunami Relief, State Art Gallery
2005 HSBC, Hyderabad
2006 Concern India Exhibition, Delhi
2006 Scribble Artists, State Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2006 Concern India Exhibition, Bangalore
2006 Concern India Exhibition, Kolkata
2006 Lalitha Kala Academy, New Delhi
2007 Kala Bhavan, Hyderabad
2007 Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2007 Ahpira Art Gallery, Chennai
2007 Concern India Exhibition, New Delhi
2007 The Hues Gallery, Bengaluru
Concern India Exhibition 2008, Bengaluru
Roadshow 2009, Hyderabad, New Delhi
2009 Hotel Taj Krishna, Hyderabad
2009 Huge Gallery, Bangalore
2009 Hotel Windsor Manor, Bengaluru
2010 Shrishti Art Gallery, Hyderabad
Khushii Booty 2010, New Delhi
2010 Nakshatra Art Gallery, Kolkata
Concern India Exhibition 2010, Bengaluru


2004 Workshop, Kala Mandir, Hyderabad
2004 Monsoon Workshop, Kalamandir, Hyderabad
2007 Hyderabad Art Society Camp
2008 Art Mall, Art Camp, Delhi
2008 Think Tiger Deloitte Hyderabad Zoo
2008 Lalit Kala Academy, Bhubaneswar
DRDL Hyderabad Camp 2008
2009 Think Tiger Deloitte Hitex City Hyderabad Office
2010 Hyderabad State Bank Camp
2010 GVM Visakhapatnam Corporation Camp
2010 NMDC Shilparamam Camp Hyderabad


2005 Konaseema Chitrakala Parishad
2006 Konaseema Chitrakala Parishad
2007 Konaseema Chitrakala Parishad, Gaini Roy Award
2007 Highly Commendable Certificate from the State Art Gallery
Highly Commendable Certificate from Hyderabad Art Society 2008
2008 State Art Gallery, Hyderabad



Bala Bhakta Raju Born in 1974 in Hyderabad, Bala earned a BFA degree from DMS Lalitha Kala Maha Samsthana, Mysore. I have drawn Ganesha since I was a child, living him, breathing him, dreaming and expressing him in countless shades and the many moods of him, with brush and acrylic. This series of Ganesha is in both grays and colors, with more defined lines and vibrant tones.


His paintings are based on mythology, particularly the forms of Ganesha that earned him his name and fame. He experimented with many abstract forms of Ganesha using watercolors, acrylic colors, and oils. According to him, the human and the divine are two sides of the same coin. Later he developed angular forms of men and women and expressed the emotions of him. Through the fish and the parrot, he expressed the bond with the human being. He uses harmonious colors to represent togetherness.


Ganesha became an inspiration very early in my life. An idol that became an ideal and then my inspiration, says Bala. Postures range from meditative to aggressive, from contemplative to playful. There is a lot of color and joy in the works of Bala Bhaktaa Raju.


He began his career in the creative departments of Advertising Agencies and later adapted painting as a mode of creative expression. but it all started a decade ago in the professional field.


He won the Hyderabad Art Society Award in 2007. The artist has exhibited his works in many places in India.


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