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  • Artist Name: Dhiren Sasmal
  • Medium: Pen and Ink and Acrylic on Paper
  • Size: 12 Inch X 14 Inch
  • Year: 2018
  • Status: In Stock
  • Product Code: BART751253
  • Price: 20000 | 240 $

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Artist Resume

Dhiren Sasmal

January 2, 1953


1976 BVA First Class, Government College of Arts & Crafts, Calcutta.


2008 Tejas Art Gallery Kolkata July 28 to August 16
2008 Chemould Art Gallery Kolkata March 15 to 19
2009 Tejas Gallery Calcutta. March 20 to April 5
2009 Taj Bengal Hotel Kolkata April 6 to 19
2009 Taj Bengal Hotel Promenade Lounge Kolkata. October 2 to November 1
2010 Taj Bengal Hotel Kolkata from November 8 to 21
2012 Taj Bengal (Calcutta). October 8 to October 14
2012 Alankrita Art Gallery, Hyderabad from December 8 to 19
2013 ICCR Abanindra Nath Art Gallery 9A, Hochiminh Sarani, Kolkata
ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS, West Gallery from April 5 to 12, 2017


2006 State Gallery of Fine Arts Hyderabad April 10 to 16
2006 Indo Bangladesh Exposition organized by the Pentagon
2006 Time & Space Gallery, Bangalore from December 2 to 11
2006 Group exhibition at ICCR Gallery, Hyderabad
2007 Kamalayan Bajaj Gallery Mumbai February 20 to 26
2007 Shree Art Gallery, Kolkata from July 10 to 17
2007 Tejas Art Gallery, Kolkata, October 6 to November 3
2007 Indian Academy of Fine Arts, Amritsar from December 2 to 9
2008 Koramangala Bangalore from January 9 to 15
2008 Kamalyan Bajaj Gallery Mumbai January 27 to February 2
2008 Tejas Art Gallery Kolkata from March 12 to April 6
2008 State Gallery of Fine Arts Hyderabad April 2 to 7
2008 Angan Gallery August 22 to September 8
2008 Chitra Kala Parishad, Bengaluru, October 24 to 31
2008 Art Desh The Studio Mumbai November 20 to 27
2008 Goederen's Lalita Select Artists Group Exhibition, Amsterdam
2009 Time & Space Gallery Bangalore January 5 to 11
2009 Cymroza Art Gallery June 22 to 30
2009 BSOAP The Bangalore Gallery
2009 Taj Mount Road, Chennai August 6 to 12
2009 Nirvana Bengal Art Fair, Habitat Centre, New Delhi. November 28 to December 6
2009 II Nirvanas Contemporary Art Fair, New Delhi
2009 I Nirvanas Contemporary Art Fair, New Delhi.
2010 Taj Land End Mumbai. January 27 to 31
2010 Taj Mahal Hotel, Mansingh Road, New Delhi. February 19 to 21
2010 Cymroza Art Gallery June 10 to July 10
2010 Kohinoor Continental, December 1 to 10
2010 Lallit Kala Academi Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi, December 14 to 20
2011 Taj West End Bangalore January 18 to 23
2011 Birala Academy Presented by Sreejan. May 17 to 22
2011 Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art. From July 11 to 15
2011 Visual Art Gallery, Indian Habitat Center Lodhi Road, New Delhi. August 1 to 7
2011 Alankritha Art Gallery, Hyderabad from November 19 to December 4
2011 Gallary Time and Space, 55 Levelle Road, Bengaluru from November 25 to December 1
2012 State Gallery of Fine Arts Hyderabad February 19 to 26
2012 The Observation Room, Elysium Mansion, 4th Floor, Walton Road,
2012 Colaba Causeway, Mumbai June 11 to 23
2012 Birla Academy of Art and Culture September 11 to 16
2012 Chemould Art Gallery Kolkata, September 25 to 29
2012 Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi. December 27 to January 2
2013 Lalit Kala Akademi Bhubaneswar Odisha January 3 to January 7
RADS Annual Member Exhibition 2014 Birla Academy of Art and Culture December 23 to 28
2014 KARNATAKA CHITRAKALA PARISATH Art Complex November 24 to 30
2015 BENGAL CALLS A group of artists Pegasus Art Studio Prashasan Nagar Hyderabad February 13 to 18
2016 CHEMOULD ART GALLERY Calcutta November 22 to 28
RADS Annual Member Exhibition 2017 Birla Academy of Art and Culture December 26 to 31
2018 ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS The Four Quartets, West Gallery from April 3 to 9


1996 Rashtriya Kala Mela, Calcutta.
1999 Rashtriya Kala Mela, Delhi.
2002 Lexus Unique Marketing at Taj Bengal Hotel
2003 Birla Academy, Kolkata 2007 Artists Centre Ador House Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 11th to 13th July


1st Prize in Pavilion Design for the Department of Irrigation and Waterways, Government. of West Bengal at IITF Ground, Pragati Maidan New Delhi
2nd Prize Biswas Banga Sammelan, Cottage and Small Scale Industries, Government. of West Bengal.
1st Prize for Allahabad Bank Stall Design in Indian Industrial Fair in Kolkata
Chowder Kochi Pata Award for Best Illustrator
2nd Prize for Best Design at All India Agriculture Fair Chandigarh
1st Prize for Best Stall Design in 200 sq ft category at Kolkata Book Fair
Gold Medal (painting) from the Hyderabad Art Society



Born on January 2, 1953, Dhiren Sasmal has worked steadily since then as an artist, designer, and illustrator; His immense talent and mastery of the medium led him to win awards in all areas of artistic activity, whether applied or fine arts. His paintings can be found in collections in India, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium, France and Germany. He has participated in workshops and shows across India.


Dhiren Sasmal is a meditative painter, surprisingly skilled in the linear execution of it. What seduces the viewer is the way he transforms his deft formal structure into an innocent and ethereal world of fantasy-oriented beauty. He is a master at using color and shape, often breaking up shapes, making them geometric, and then breaking them down. However, this dispersion within the pictorial space remains integrated into a totality of formal structure. This is the mastery of the artist.


Dhiren Sasmal is an artist who sees the world through the eyes of children whose reality is rooted in a magical universe of myth and fantasy. He considers this innocence to be the primary condition of any creativity. Sasmal applies her decades of experience in visual arts and diverse media to reinvent old and beloved themes: girls with braids playing in a garden, children absorbed in a world of simple pleasures, mermaids and fairies, owls with attitude, and world-weary fish.


The genius of this artist lies not only in his skill in linear execution and mastery of his media but also in his transformation of a complex formal structure into a jubilant world of fantasy-oriented beauty. The viewer also frees his imagination without the restrictions of the customs of reality.


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