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  • Artist Name: Tailor Srinivas
  • Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
  • Size: 48 Inch X 36 Inch
  • Year: 2023
  • Status : In Stock
  • Product Code: BART846468
  • Price: | 1 $
Artist Resume


May 29, 1974


1995-2000 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) JNTU Hyderabad
2001-2003 Master of Fine Arts (Painting) HCU Hyderabad


2008 Kalahita Gallery Hyderabad
2009 Tulika Gallery Bombay
2011 Hyderabad Icon Gallery
2012 Hyderabad Icon Gallery


2000-2008 PSTU Hyderabad
2000 JNTU, Hyderabad
2003 S.C.Z.C.C. All India Art Competition in Nagpur
2003-2004 Lalith Kala Academy, Delhi
2005 ITC Kakatiya Sheraton Towers, Hyderabad
2005 Waltair Club Visakhapatnam
2005 State Gallery Hyderabad
2006 Daira Gallery Hyderabad
2006 Daira Gallery Hyderabad
2006 Daira Gallery Hyderabad
2007 Lakshana Gallery Hyderabad
2008 Alankritha Gallery Hyderabad
2008 Kalahita Gallery Hyderabad
2009 Daira Gallery Hyderabad
2009 Daira Gallery Hyderabad
2010 Daira Gallery Hyderabad
2010 Hyderabad Icon Gallery
2010 Hyderabad Icon Gallery
2010 Masters Collection Gallery Calcutta
2010 Daira Gallery Hyderabad
2011 Nehru Center Bombay
2012 State Gallery Hyderabad
2012 Rainbow Gallery Hyderabad
2012 State Gallery Hyderabad
2012 State Gallery Hyderabad
2012 Muse Gallery Hyderabad
2013 State Gallery Hyderabad
2013 Delhi India Art Fair
2013 Chandigarh Ocher Art
2013 Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad
2013 Hyderabad Space Gallery
2013 Hyderabad Icon Gallery
2013 Ocher Art Gallery Chandigarh
2013 Atlanta Art Gallery Hyderabad
2013 PSTU Hyderabad
2014 Tamkanat Art Gallery Hyderabad
2014 State Gallery Hyderabad
2014 State Gallery Hyderabad
2014 State Gallery Hyderabad
2014 Hyderabad Space Gallery
2014 Muse Gallery Hyderabad
2015 State Gallery Hyderabad
2015 State Gallery Hyderabad
2015 Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad Art Gallery
2015 Daira Gallery Hyderabad
2015 Muse Gallery Hyderabad
2015 Art for Concern Chennai
2015 Art for Concern Pune
2016 Art Mart International Khajuraho
2016 State Gallery Hyderabad
2016 Atlanta Art Gallery Hyderabad
2016 Vijayawada Amaravathi Cultural Center
2016 Art for Concern Hyderabad
2017 State Gallery Hyderabad
2017 Art for Concern Bangalore
2017 Art for Concern Pune
2017 Park Hotel Telangana Artists Association
2017 Ailamma Art Gallery Hyderabad
2017 Shrishti Art Gallery Hyderabad
2018 State Gallery Hyderabad
2018 Art for Concern Delhi
2018 Ailamma Art Gallery Hyderabad
Hyderabad Festival 2018
2018 Ocher Art Gallery Chandigarh
2018 State Gallery Hyderabad


Artists camp organized by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, Department of Culture, and P.S
2005 Telugu University, Warangal
2006 Lavanya Group Art Camp and Sri Kalakshetra Tirupati
2007 Scribles Hyderabad Artists Camp
2007 State Art Gallery Art Camp Hyderabad
2011 Hyderabad Art Camp at Shilparamam
2015 Dr.MCR HRD Institute of Telangana Glorious Telangana Art Camp Hyderabad
2016 Pegasus Art Gallery National Art Camp Hyderabad
2016 Vishnu Manchu Art Camp Thirupathi Art Foundation Art Symposium
2016 JNAFAU Hyderabad Art Camp
2017 State Art Gallery Hyderabad Art Camp
2017 Easel Stories Art Camp Noida Art Gallery
2017 Harshawardhan National Artists Camp Chikhaldara Amaravati Maharashtra
2017 Telugu World Cup Maha Sabhalu Hyderabad
2018 Hyderabad Art and Culture Foundation Pegasus Art Gallery Punarkriti Art Camp Hyderabad


2000 Highly Commended Certificate from Hyderabad Art Society
2002 Silver Medal All India Art Painting Competition Hyderabad
2005 8th State Level Art Exhibition (P S T U) Hyderabad



Tailor Srinivas is a well-known painter based in Hyderabad. He was born in 1974 in a small village called Tekmal, Medak district, Telangana. Bachelor of Fine Arts from JNT University, Hyderabad. He received a master's degree in Fine Arts from the Central University of Hyderabad.


Tailor Srinivas has received a High Commendation certificate from the Hyderabad Art Society. Silver medal at the All India Art Competition Hyderabad. PSTU Hyderabad State Level Award.


Tailor Srinivas performed shows at Lalith Kala Academy Delhi, Kalahitha, Hyderabad, Tulika Mumbai, Nehru Center Mumbai, Icon Hyderabad, Master Collection Kolkata, India Art Fair Delhi, Ocher Art Chandigarh. Easel Stories Noida, Art for Concern Mumbai.


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