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  • Artist Name: Sandeep Suneriya
  • Medium: Woodcut
  • Size: 15.00 Inch X 15.00 Inch
  • Year: 2014
  • Status : In Stock
  • Product Code: BART809988
  • Price: 8000 | 96 $
Artist Resume


September 26, 1985, Surat


2007 GD Art Drawing and Painting Gujarat Mandavi
2008 A.T.D Art Teacher Diploma
2011 Pune College of Fine Arts, BFA Bharati Vidyapeeth
2013 Post Diploma in Graphic Art Faculty of Fine Arts M.S.University, Baroda


2012, 2013 Lalit Kala Academy of Gujarat State Ahmedabad


2009 Priyadarshini shows a rotating art gallery. Nanpura Surat
2011 Group A Shows the Rotary Art Gallery. Nanpura Surat
2012 Fine Arts Fair Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery Exhibition. Baroda
2012 Anant Print shows ABS Gallary. Alkapuri Baroda
2013 MSU Baroda Faculty of Fine Arts Final Exhibition
2013 Unfurl Shows Faculty of Fine Arts MSU Baroda
2013 Purva shows Hatheesing Visual Arts Center. Navrangpura Ahmedabad
2013 Smart Art Hub shows Amdavad ni Gufa. Navrangpura Ahmedabad
2013 Eleven Strokes Eleven different colors show Amdavad ni Gufa.Navarangpura Amdavad
2014 Annual Samaakalan Roadshow by Kanoria for Arts Gallery by KCA Artists Ahmedabad and Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery, MSU Baroda
2014 Contemporary Art Zone Exhibition White Zoca Kanoria Gallery for Art Ahmedabad
2014 Gen Next Vlll Aakriti Art Gallary, Kolkata and New Delhi
2015 A journey through the years 1984 - 2015, Jahangir Kala Ghoda Art Gallery, Mumbai
2015 VAD FEST Vadodara International Arts and Culture Festival, Baroda
Cima Awards 2015 Cima Gallary Exhibition Center for International Exhibition of Modern Art Calcutta
2015 Mini-Print Goa Arts and Culture Directorate, Panaji Goa
2015 Kanoria Summer Exhibition Kanoria Center for the Arts Gallery, Navarangpura Ahmedabad
2015 Swadeshi Ginipi Art Exhibition Hatheesing Visual Arts Center. Navarangpura Ahmedabad
2015 Svikriti An exhibition of the awardees of the annual exhibition Birla Academy of the & Culture Kolkata
2015, 2016, 2017 Art Mela at Cima Gallary Center for International Exhibition of Modern Art in Kolkata
2017 FINEST Award and National Exhibition of Mini Works of Art, Canary Art Gallery Indore


Portrait, drawing, and painting from the Lalit Kala Academy of the state of Gujarat. Vidyanagar
Manav Sanket Academy. Ujjain, M.P.
Kalavart Nyas. Ujjain, M.P.
Gujarat Kala Pratisthan Drawing, Painting, Landscape. Surat
National 4th Dimension Painting Camp. Shirdi Nawargaon, M.S.
Kala Sakshi Memorial Trust workshop. New Delhi
Guinness World Records The largest fine arts workshop in the world. Bombay


Lalit Kala National Academy. New Delhi
Dhoomial Art Competition. New Delhi
All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society (AIFACS). New Delhi
Celebration of the centenary of the New Delhi Municipal Council. New Delhi
Lalit Kala Academy of Gujarat State. Ahmedabad
Gujarat Kala Pratisthan. Surat
Manav Sanket Academy. Ujjain M.P
Kalavart Nyas and Parva. Ujjain MP
Bombay Art Society. Bombay
Indian Art Society. Bombay
Kokuyo Camlin Art Foundation. Bombay
Lokmanya Tilak Smark. Pune
Birla Academy of Art and Culture. Calcutta
Bharat Bhavan Beinnale. Bhopal
South Central Zone Cultural Center. nagpur
China International Beer Festival. Porcelain
International Small Graphic Festival. Romania
Cima Center for International Modern Art. Calcutta
Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation. Bombay


Shree Sachida Nagdev National Award 2017 FINEST Award by MINI ARTWORK Bhopal
2017 Kala Uday Society Best Graphic Award. Kurukshetra Haryana
2017 3rd Prize in Gujarat Kala Pratishthan Surat
2017 2nd Prize Best Engraving 27 Art Point 3rd Jodhpur National Online Art Competition
2017 1st Prize in Graphics Lalit Kala Academy of Gujarat State Ahmedabad
SHR Educational & Charitable Trust Award 2017 for Hyderabad Art Society Hyderabad
Certificate Award 2017 for Bindaas Artist Group New Delhi Online Art Competition
Western Zone Gold Medal Award 2016 in Printmaking at Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation Pune
Bronze Medal Award in Graphics 2016 The Bombay Art Society Mumbai
2016 Madhusudan Puranik Award for Permanent Entry at the Art Society of India Mumbai
2016 Fourth Prize in Gujarat Kala Pratisthan Surat
2015 Emerging Artist Award Prafulla Dahanuker Art Foundation, Mumbai
Best Graphics Award 2015 Birla Academy of Arts and Culture Kolkata
2015 Consolations Award CVM National Art Exhibition, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand Gujarat
2014 3rd Prize at the International Biennial of Small Graphics Romania
NDMC Award 2014 for New Delhi Municipal Council Centenary Celebration New Delhi
Best Graphics Award 2014 Gujarat Kala Pratisthan Surat
2014 1st Prize in Graphics Lalit Kala Academy of Gujarat State Ahmedabad
2014 2nd Prize in Graphics The Art Society of India Mumbai
2013 1st Prize in AIFACS New Delhi Graphic Art Competition
2013 1st Prize Gujarat Kala Pratisthan Surat
2013 Jeram Patel Award for Best Exhibition in Graphics Faculty of Fine Arts MSU Baroda
2013 V.V. Oak Barrister Lokmanya Tilak Pune Award
2013 VS. Wakankar Kalavart Nyas Ujjain Gold Medal
2012 1st prize at Kokuyo Camlin Ltd. Best entry Kalavart Nyas Ujjain
2012 1st Prize in Graphics Cultural Center South Central Zone Nagpur
2012 1st Prize in Graphics Lalit Kala Academy of Gujarat State Ahmedabad
Pannachisha Maharastra Award 2011 Pune
2011 VS. Wakankar Kalavart Nyas Ujjain Gold Medal
2011 Best Realistic Award Gujarat Kala Pratisthan Surat
Best Drawing Award 2011 Gujarat Kala Pratisthan Surat
2011 DJ Joshi Kalavart Nyas Ujjain Certificate of Merit Award
Dharmanandan Diamonds Surat Mega Art Event Award Award
2011 3rd Prize Annual Art Exhibition B.Vidyapeeths College of Fine Arts Pune
Best Graphics Award 2010 Gujarat Kala Pratisthan Surat
2010 Gold Medal Manav Sanket Ujjain Academy
2010 Silver Medal Manav Sanket Ujjain Academy
2010 DJ Certificate of Merit Joshi Kalavart Nyas Ujjain
2010 1st Prize All India Peace Painting Festival Bardoli-Surat
2009 1st Prize N.S.Bendre Kalavart Nyas Ujjain
2009 International Award for Best Drawing Shamshad Hussain Kalavart Nyas Ujjain
2008 Gold Medal Manav Sanket Ujjain Academy
2008 Manav Sanket Ujjain Academy Jury Prize
2008 1st Prize Gujarat Kala Pratisthan Surat
2007 Best Landscape Award Gujarat Kala Pratisthan Saputara Surat
2007 Gold Medal Manav Sanket Ujjain Academy
2007 2nd Award Gujarat Kala Pratisthan Surat
2006 Third Prize in Surat District Legal Services Authority, Mandvi Surat
2006 2nd Academy Award Manav Sanket Ujjain
2005 2nd Prize Nashabandi Mandvi Surat Art Competition
2005 3rd Manav Sanket Ujjain Academy Award
1997 1st Prize Best Still Life 3rd Sanskrutik Kala Surat Competition


The work I present is towards the virulent society of our times. I take fluidity from crowd groups and plural by taking elements of time and space and converting them using metaphors into visual forms. My basic concept is to provoke the viewer by allowing him to respond and accept certain negative terms that the inmate may obtain. Back to Society, the series I have worked on uses the metaphor of pigeons and the plural of flock in particular getting elements from instances of the past like crowds, the Mumbai explosion, politics, fashion, IPL, Journey for Life, I would like to say that I am still in the process of developing my language that can provoke.


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