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  • Artist Name: Shyamal S
  • Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
  • Size: 48 Inch X 30 Inch
  • Year: 2015
  • Status : Sold
  • Product Code: BART537864
  • Price: | 1 $
Artist Resume




1988 Indian College of Art & Draftsmanship Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata.


2012 Academy of fine art. Kolkata.
2010 Art Walk of Emami Chesel, Kolkata
2009 Gallery Exposure. Kolkata.
2009 Ambo Art Gallery. Kolkata
2009 Taj Bengal. Kolkata.
1996 Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata.


2015 an Exhibition, at Gandhi art Gallery, N. Delhi.
2014 Lleshi Art Present Young India Exhibition 14, Sun Bastiaun 18 Zuoz, Switzerland.
2014 Affection pres. an exhibit.,Naheru Center High Commission of India in Landan.
2013 of Heaven on Earth at Cymroja Art Gallery, at Mumbai.
2012 Bandhan present of Eminent Artist, Painting Exhibition at ICCR, Kolkata.
2012 at Golf Club, Kolkata.
2012 Shree Are Gallery presents an Exhibition, Kolkata.
2011 Art Explore Present an Exhibition, at AFA, Kolkata.
2010 ROUGH Present an Exhibition at AFA, Kolkata.
2009 lineage present a at [ I C C R ] Kolkata.
2009 at Art Walk Gallery, South City Mall. Kolkata.
2009 at the Academy of Fine Art by Art Explore, Kolkata.
2009 Red Dot Art Gallery New Delhi.
2008 3rd Group Art Exhibition by Art Explore at AFA. Kolkata.
2007 2nd Group Exhibition at B.A.A.C. Kolkata.
2004 Samakal Art Gallery. Kolkata.
2003 Pegasus Art Gallery Hyderabad,
2003 Academy of Fine Art, Kolkata.
2001 Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata.
1996 Art Today, New Delhi.
1996 an Exhibition, Academy of Fine Art, Kol.


2008 Indian National Forum of Art & Culture, Kolkata.
2003 Megha Utsav by EZCC & RAD at Rabindra Bhavan, Orissa.
2002 Rupashi Bangla Bangla Festival by RAD in Mumbai.
2001 Chalaman Shilpa. At Kolkata.


2015 Impart present Annual Art Exhibition, at Impart Gallery, N. Delhi.
2014 1st Annual Exhibition Contemporary fine Arts Emami Chasel Art. Kolkata.
2013 78 th Annual All India Fine Arts Exhibition at Academy of fine art, Kolkata.
2013 Annual Art Exhibition Indian Oriental Art. Kolkata.
2012 77 th Annual All India Fine Arts Exhibition at Academy of fine art, Kolkata.
2011 76 th Annual All India Fine Arts Exhibition at Academy of fine art, K Kolkata.
2009 2nd All India Annual Art Com. & Exhibi., Bhiku Ram Jain Art Award at Art Mall.N.D.
2009 Oriental Annual Art Exhibition, Kolkata.
2009 5th Annual Indian Royal Academy Award Exhibition, Karnataka.
2007 Annual Water Colour Art Exhibition at E.Z.C.C. Kolkata.
2002 68 th All India Exhibition of Art, The Indian Academy of Fine art. Amritsar.
2002 All India Art Exhibition by AIFACS. New Delhi.
1996 Annual Exhibition of State Academy of DDM & Visual Art
2015 R.R.V.A. National Paintings Exhibition, by A.G. of M.P., at Bharat Bhavan Bhopal.
2014 Briatoshs present Sher-e Kala Art Exhibition in Delhi.
2014 ART Relocation present WINDOWS 4 INDIA at Basel, Switzerland.
2014 Art 4fortune Fair, National Art Icons Directory, compiled. & Exhi. Hammerartag India.
2013 100 years of International film festival Art exhibition by The social circle, at Delhi.
2012 Hamline, Eastern region Annual Art Exhibition, at A.F.A. Kolkata
2012 72 A.N.C.A.S. India present an Exhibition & Art camp, Science city m.m. complex.
2012 Art Eterne Confluence 12 International Art Contest-Exhibition, at LKA. New Delhi.
2012 Bengal art show at India Habitat Center New Delhi,
2012 Rajaya Charu Kala Utsav, Rajya Charu Kala Parishad, Kolkata.
2010 INFAC present All India Exhibition of Art at Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi.
2009 Charu o Karu Mela by Academy of Fine Art Kolkata
2009 Charu o Karu Mela at A.F.A.
2009 Manab Jamin Annual Art Exhibition at Ashutosh Hall. Kol.
2009 Art fair by Eye On Art Gallery, Kolkata.
2007 Eye On Art Gallery, at Academy of Fine Art, Kolkata.
2008 Exhibition at Saturday Club. Kolkata.
2007 Open Air Art Exhibition at B.A.A.C. Kolkata.
2007 Lalit Kala Kala Mela at Rabindra Sadan, Kolkata.
2007 Preker Present an Exhibition at A.F.A. Kolkata.
2007 A 1 Art Gallery Present an Exhibition at B.A.A.C. Kolkata.
2007 Painted Delight at B. A.A.C. Kolkata.
2004 Megha Utsab Exhibition at Samakal Art Gallery. Kolkata.
2003 Artist Cercle Present an Exhibition at A.F.A. Kolkata.
2003 Eastern Region Camlin Art Exhibition. Kolkata.
2001 Megha Utsab by EZCC & RAD at Orissa.
2002 Aranna Exhibition by RAD. Tara glass Gallery. Kolkata
2002 Eastern Region Art Exhibition by Avantika.
2001 Open Air Art Exhibition by B.A.A.C, Kolkata.
2000 West Benga Rajya Charukala Utsab. Kolkata.
1997 Birla Kala Mela, Kolkata.
1997 Exhibition of Ope Bangla Appears Bangla by Nandanik.


2015 Impart present Annual Art Award, at Impart Gallery, N. Delhi.
2012 camline Best Art award, Eastern region art Exhibition, at A.F.A. Kolkata
2008 Sankar Dutta Memorial Best Award 7th Annual Art Exhibition from Manab Jamin
2001 Certificate of Marite Eastern Region Water Colour Art Exhibition by EZCC in Kolkata.


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