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"Every Child is an artist. The Problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up"-Pablo Picasso.

Chandra Bhattacharjee

BORN - November 18, 1961   Patuli (Bardhaman), West Bengal


1989 Post-Graduate in Fine Arts, Kala Bhavan, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan.
1986 Graduated from the Indian College of Art and Draughtsmanship, Kolkata.
1987 Fine Arts, Kala Bhavan, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan.


2008, 2010 Galerie 88, Kolkata


2010 Galerie 88, Kolkata
2008 'Fe2O.nH2o / aeons visible', Galerie 88, Kolkata
2007 Organized by Gallery Threshold at The Gallery in Cork Street, London
2007 ‘Indelibilities’, Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi
2006 ‘Small Format Works’, Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore
2005 Jehangir Art Gallery and Gallery Beyond, Mumbai
2005 Galerie 88, Kolkata
2004 Gallery Threshold, New Delhi
2003 Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi
2001 Crimson, Bangalore
2000 Shridharani, New Delhi and Gallery Apparao, Chennai
1998 Gallery Apparao, Chennai
1998 Crimson, Bangalore
1997 Art Heritage, New Delhi
1994,95,97 Center Art Gallery, Kolkata


2013 'Edge of Reason- and beyond, into pure creativity', presented by Indian Art Circle at Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi
2012 'Angkor Wat: An Indian Perspective', Gallery Art and Soul, Mumbai
2011 'Cross Currents', Art Positive, New Delhi
2010 '10 x 10', Gallery Threshold, New Delhi
2010 'Snow', The Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi in collaboration with Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai
2009-10 'Unclaimed Spaces', Gallery Threshold, New Delhi
2009 'Indian Harvest', presented by Crimson- The Art Resouce, Bangalore at SG Private Banking, Singapore
2008 'Faces', Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai
2008 ‘Life Is a Stage, ICIA Gallery, Mumbai
2008 ‘Magic of Monochrome’, Gandhara, Kolkata
2008 ‘Art Now, A Glimpse’, Emami Chisel Arts, Kolkata
2008 ‘Art Divergent Discourses’, Tangerine Art Space, Bangalore
2008 Gallery Muller & Plate, Munich
2008 New York Academy of Art
2008 ‘Gaze Within, Gaze Without’, Gandhara Art Gallery, Kolkata
2007 ’Diverse Idioms’, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong
2007 ‘Tales, Reflection & Constructs’, Gallerie 88, Kolkata
2006 ‘India on Canvas’, Exhibition and Auction organized by Khushi at New Delhi
2006 ‘Essence’, Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai
2006 ‘Sensuality, Perception and the Self’, Galleria, New Delhi
2006 ‘Glimpses of Bengal’, Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata
2006 ‘Angkor’, Gandhara Art Gallery, Kolkata
2006 ‘Art of Young Bengal’, Aakriti Art Gallery, Kolkata
2006 ‘Chivas Art’, Gallerie 88-Chivas Regal, New Delhi, and Mumbai
2006 ‘Merging Cultures’, Sarjan, Baroda
2006 ‘Indiart Show’, Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai; Chelsea College of Art & Design, London; Lasalle-SIA College of Fine Arts, Singapore
2006 New Colors of Sumukha, Bangalore
2005 ‘Bikash Bhattacharya, A Source of Inspiration’, Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Mumbai
2005 ‘Ways of Seeing’, Art Alive, New Delhi
2005 ‘Ardhanarishwara’, Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai
2005 ‘Indian Contemporary Art’, organized by Gallery Sumukha at Quayside Gallery, UK
2005 ‘Water Color Show’, Galerie 88, Kolkata
2005 ‘Versions’, Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata
2004 ‘Contemporary Expressions from India’, Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu
2004 Gallery Beyond, Mumbai
2004 ‘New Paradigms-II’, Gallery Threshold, New Delhi
2004 Viart, New Delhi
2004 ‘Summer Show’, Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi
2004 ‘Scenes from Voyage’, Nehru Centre, London
2004 ‘Red’, Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi
2004 Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi
2004 Art Pilgrim, New Delhi
2004 ‘Bondings’, ITC Sonar Bangla, Kolkata
2004 Gandhara Art Gallery, Kolkata
2003 Viart, New Delhi
2003 Sanskriti Gallery, Kolkata
2003 Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi
2003 Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi
2003 Gandhara Art Gallery, Kolkata
2002 Gallery Espace, Argosy at Dubai Marine Beach Club
2002 Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata
2002 Gallery Pilgrim, New Delhi
2002 ‘Freedom’, Gallery La Mere, Kolkata
2002 ‘Gleam of Metal’, Palette Gallery, New Delhi
2002 Shridharani, New Delhi (with Gallery Threshold)
2002 Chitrakoot Gallery, Kolkata
2002 Sanskriti Art Gallery, Habitat Centre, New Delhi
2002 ‘Tomorrow’s Blue Chip’, Apparao Galleries at New Delhi and Chennai
2002 Bowring, Gallery Espace, New Delhi
2002 Surya Gallery, Hyderabad
2002 ‘Concern India’, Nehru Centre, Mumbai
2002 Show for Gujarat Riot Victims, Taj Bengal, Kolkata
2001 ‘Concern India’, Nehru Centre, Mumbai
2001 ‘Palette 2001’, New Delhi; Galleria, Mumbai
2001 Cymroza Gallery, Mumbai
2001 Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Mumbai
2001 Gallery Pilgrim, New Delhi
2001 ‘Small Format Show’, Sumukha, Singapore
2001 group show, Hong Kong
2001 Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata
2001 ‘The Art of Bengal’, Art Today, New Delhi
2001 ‘Nude Studies’, The Guild, Mumbai
2001 Artworld, Hong Kong
2001 The Guild, Hong Kong
2001 Chitrakoot Art Gallery, Kolkata
2000 Threshold Gallery, Vizag
2000 Chitrakoot Gallery, Kolkata
2000 ‘Visions and Attitudes’, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2000 Crimson Art Resource, Mumbai
1999 Salar Jung Museum, organized by National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), Hyderabad
1999 Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata
1999 Crimson Gallery, Bangalore
1999 Birla Academy for Art and Culture, Mumbai
1999 Apparao Galleries home shows in Toronto New York & Singapore
1999 Son et Lumiere, Mumbai
1999 Gajah Art Gallery, Singapore


2012 'Small is Beautiful', Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai
2012 'Art for Humanity', Coomaraswamy Hall, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, Mumbai
2012 'Synergy 2012', 12th Anniversary Show, Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai
2010 'Art Celebrates 2010', represented by Gallery Threshold at Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi to coincide with the hosting of the Commonwealth Games
2008 'Harvest 2008', organized by Arushi Arts at The Stainless Gallery, New Delhi
2008 ‘Synchrome 4’, Akar Prakar, Kolkata and Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai
2008 ‘Harmony Show’, Nehru Centre, Mumbai
2007 Art Singapore
2007 Adana Biennale, Adana, Turkey
2007 ‘Imprints’, The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
2007 ‘Power of Peace’, Bali/The United Nations
2006 ‘Synchrome 3’, Annual Show of Akar Prakar, Kolkata
2005 XI Indian Triennale India
2005 ‘Harmony Show’, Nehru Centre, Mumbai
2004 ‘Annual Show’, Gallery Sara Arakkal, Bangalore
2004 ‘Harvest 2004’, Arushi Arts, New Delhi
2002 Annual Show, Gallerie 88, Kolkata
2002 Annual Show, Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi
2002 Singapore Art Fair, Singapore (with Apparao Galleries)
2002 Annual Show, Gallerie 88, Kolkata
2002 Annual Show, Gallery La Mere, Kolkata
2001 ‘Harmony Show’, Nehru Centre, Mumbai


2008 Received Taj Gaurav Award
1986 Received Gold Medal from Rabindra Bharati University for Excellence in Fine Arts. buy paintings online India, Fine Arts,


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