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"Every Child is an Artist. The Problem is How to Remain an Artist once we Grow up"-Pablo Picasso.


Sekhar Kar

December 31, 1961 Howrah


1986 BVA from Rabindra Bharati University, Calcutta
1989 MVA from Rabindra Bharati University, Calcutta


1990 Sundaram Gallery Calcutta
1991 Alliance, Francaise De Delhi
1995 Bajaj Art Gallery Bombay
1995 Jharokha Art Gallery Delhi
1995 Suksiti Calcutta
2000 Bengaluru Crimson
2000 Delhi Art Consultation
2002 Crimson Art Gallery Bangalore
2003 Chemould Art Gallery Calcutta
2003 Krishna Collectors Center New Delhi
2004 Krishna Delhi Collectors Center
2008 Right Lines Gallery Bangalore
2007 Chitra Gallery Calcutta


1996 Anonymous Art, Oxford Gallery Kolkata, Park Hotel
1998, 2004, Eminent Artists and Young Talents, Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta
1998 Jharokha Delhi Art Gallery, Birla Academy, Kolkata
1999 Karnataka Chittakala Parishath Bangalore, Son-Et. Lumiere
1999 Birla Academy Bombay
1999 Alternative Art Gallery Calcutta
2002 Texas, New York, Philadelphia, USA, Dubai
2003 Rabindra Bhavan, Krishna collector New Delhi
2005 Renesainse Gallery Bangalore
2006 Calcutta, Delhi, Dubai, Bombay, America, Bangalore and others


1985 Silver Medal Eastern Zone Youth Festival, Dhanbad
1986 Certificate of Merit WB Government. Arts and Crafts Kolkata
1987 Certificate of Merit All India Youth Art Kolkata
1988 Rabindra Bharati University Annual Art Exhibition in Calcutta
1989 M. Fine Gold Medal from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata


Sekhar Kar's paintings depict men and women in swirling masses of color with black pools of emptiness for eyes. This allows viewers the freedom to interpret the emotions depicted in various ways, although the overall painting is bathed in sadness and mystery.


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