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"Every Child is an Artist. The Problem is How to Remain an Artist once we Grow up"-Pablo Picasso.


Raju B

1974 Hyderabad


BFA, DMS Lalithakala Maha Samsthana, Mysore


2005: Kala Bhavan, Hyderabad. Gallery Space, Hyderabad.
2006: Lakshana Art Gallery, Hyderabad.
2007: Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad, Bangalore. Indian Academy Fine Arts, Amritsar. Nehru Center Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2008 - State Art Gallery, Hyderabad.
2010 - State Art Gallery, Hyderabad.


2003: Kala Bhavan, Hyderabad.
2004: State Art Gallery.
2005: Art Aid Tsunami Relief, State Art Gallery. HSBC, Hyderabad.
2006: Concern India Exhibit, Delhi. Scribble Artists, State Art Gallery, Hyderabad. Concern India Exhibit, Bangalore. Concern India Exhibit, Kolkata. Lalitha Kala Academy, New Delhi.
2007: Kala Bhavan, Hyderabad. Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad. Ahpira Art Gallery, Chennai. Concern India Exhibit, New Delhi. The Gallery Hues, Bangalore.
2008: Concern India Exhibit, Bangalore.
2009: Traveling Exhibition, Hyderabad, New Delhi. Hotel Taj Krishna, Hyderabad. Gallery Huge, Bangalore. Windsor Manor Hotel, Bangalore.
2010: Shrishti Art Gallery, Hyderabad. Khushii Loot, New Delhi. Nakshatra Art Gallery, Kolkata. Concern India Exhibit, Bangalore.


2004: Workshop, Kala Mandir, Hyderabad. Monsoon Workshop, Kalamandir, Hyderabad.
2007: Hyderabad Art Society Camp.
2008: Art Mall, Art Camp, Delhi. Think Tiger Deloitte Zoological Park Hyderabad. Lalit Kala Academy, Bhubaneswar. DRDL Hyderabad Camp.
2009: Think Tiger Deloitte Office Hitex City Hyderabad.
2010: State Bank of Hyderabad Camp. GVM Corporation Camp Visakhapatnam. NMDC Camp Shilparamam Hyderabad.


2005: Konaseema Chitrakala Parishad 2nd Prize.
2006: Konaseema Chitrakala Parishad 1st Prize.
2007: Konaseema Chitrakala Parishad, Gaini Roy Award. State Art Gallery Highly Commendable Certificate.
2008: Hyderabad Art Society Highly Commendable Certificate. State Art Gallery, Hyderabad 1st Prize.


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