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  • Artist Name: Jamini Roy
  • Medium: Tempera on Canvas
  • Size: 35 Inch X 23.5 Inch
  • Year:
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  • Product Code: BART-533672
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Artist Resume

Jamini Roy


Jamini Roy was born on 11 April 1887 in a small village of Beliatore in the Bankura district of West Bengal. 1903 At the age of 16, he studied at the Government College of Art & Craft, Calcutta under Abanindranath Tagore. 1908 he received a diploma in fine arts. Known as the first modernist guru of Indian art, he rediscovered the trappings of Western modernism in an Indian context and blended them with Indian folk art forms.


He mixed the minimal brush strokes of the Kalighat style with the elements of Bengali tribal art. Like Ramayana, Krishna, Yashoda, Krishna, Gopini, Sri Chaitanya, Radha-Krishna and Jesus Christ, he chose religious subjects like the joys and sorrows of daily life in rural Bengal, tribal art, Bengali folk painting, but he described them in detail. In addition to these, he depicts the life scenes of indigenous Santals, such as Santhal Mother and Child, Dance Santhals, etc.


Today, His Artworks are found in many private collections around the world, such as the Lalit Kala Akademi in Delhi, the National Gallery of Modern Art (New Delhi), the National Gallery of Modern Art (Mumbai), the Victoria Memorial Hall (Kolkata) and museums in Germany and the United States.


The pen of this versatile artist froze with his body on April 24, 1972. Euremia snatched away his colorful canvas, board, paper, paint, brush, palette and one of his unfinished paintings, The Last Supper. Artist Jamini Roy, who has just turned 85, left to draw the picture. Although he has a large painting 'Last Supper in the National Gallery of Modern Art in the capital.


Lots of nostalgia for him. But the aspects in which only he will survive as Jamini Roy, the symbolic meaning in which he will remain, Jamini Roy, the one in which he will shine as one of the stars in the artistic world, are all related to his image. But the rest of space? His works are in large museums and galleries in many countries of the world.


Jamini Roy died in Calcutta on 24 April 1972.



Jamini Roy had numerous one-man exhibitions and group shows in both foreign and Indian cities, including London and New York.

1953 New York

1946 Exhibition inaugurated by E.M. Forest, Burlington Gallery, London

1938 British Indian Street, Kolkata

1937 Samavaya Mansions, Kolkata

1929 Government School of Arts and Craft, Kolkata



Jamini Roy was an Indian painter. Whose artist & Crafts originality and contribution to the rise of painting in India remain questionable. He was one of the most famous disciples of Abanindranath Tagore, he was awarded the Padma Bhushan In 1955, Government of India.

1967 Awarded honorary D. Litt., Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata

1956 Elected Fellow, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi

1935 Awarded Viceroys Gold Medal for Mother Helping the Child to Cross the Pool.


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