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Sanat Kar

1935 West Bengal


1950-55 Studied at Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata


2006 The Lyrical Mudra, ArtsIndia, New York
2006 Akarprakar, Kolkata
2002-03 Retrospective - Bronzes and Prints, Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata and Mumbai
1980,75 Nandan Gallery, Kala Bhavan, Santiniketan
1981 Goa
1985 Sarla Art Gallery, Chennai
1988,79 Bangalore
1991,89,85,70 Mumbai
1991,84,72,69 New Delhi
2000,1994,92,90,67,62 Kolkata


2011-12 'Reprise 2011', Aicon Gallery, New York
2010 'The Living Insignia', Gallery Ensign, New Delhi
2010 'Image and Symbol: Painters Perception', Aakriti Art Gallery, Kolkata
2010 'The Drawing Lab', Aicon Gallery, New York
2009 'The Root of Everything', Gallery Mementos, Bangalore
2000 Indian Embassy, Berlin
1999 Bengal Foundation, Dhaka.
1990 Helpage 1990, Mumbai
1988 Art for Cry, Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi and Bangalore.
1988 Festival of India, Takaoka Municipal Museum and Meguro Museum of Art, Japan.
1987 Eight Contemporary Artists, Birla Academy Art and Culture, Kolkata
1985 Indian Printmaking Today, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
1983 India in Print, Koninklijk Institute Vorde, Amsterdam.


2010 'National Printmaking Portfolio', Marvel Art Gallery, Ahmedabad
2008 'Moderns', Royal Cultural Centre, Amman, Jordan organized by Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi in collaboration with Embassy of India, Amman, Jordan
2003 Manifestations, organized by Delhi Art Gallery, World Trade Centre, Mumbai and Delhi Art Gallery, New Delhi
1985 4th International Exhibition of Small Graphic Forms, Polan, Lodz.
1984 British International Prints Biennale, UK
1976 Tokyo Biennale, Tokyo.


1997 Kala Vibhushan.
1996 Shiromani Puraskar, Kolkata
1993 West Bengal State Lalit Kala Academy Award, Kolkata
1978, 84, 92 Award, International Print Exhibition, All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society (AIFACS), New Delhi.
1973 Award, All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society (AIFACS), New Delhi.


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