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Life Journey

  • Artist Name: C. Mevad
  • Art Details: Lithograph | 11.05 Inch X 17.05 Inch
  • Year : 2016
  • Status : In Stock
  • Product Code: BART695793
  • Price: 15000 | 202 $


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Artist Resume

C. Mevad

DOB: 27th Sep 1988.
Born in palanpur (north Gujarat)
Qualification: A.T.D, B.V.A Painting, M.V.A Printmaking in MS University Baroda. 
2012: “Abhivyaqkti” group show organized by the rotary club, palanpur (Gujarat) 2011: Sarjan group show M.A.Parikh fine arts & arts college, palanpur (Gujarat)
2016: National level student,s printmaking workshop &seminar, Santiniketan (West Bengal) 2015: Panchmahotsav, pavagadh (Gujarat)
2014: Gujarat Rajyalalitkala Academic landscape camp in saputara (Gujarat)
2013: Youth festival organized by H.N.G.U patanactively participating in college, Patan (Gujarat) 2013: Youth festival organized by H.N.G.U patanactively participating in poster making
2012: Youth festival organized by H.N.G.U patanActively participating in college, Ratanpur (Gujarat) 2011: Painting competition organized by Inner wheel club palanpur (Gujarat)
2011: Saptdhara completion organized by Kadi (Gujarat) 2011: Lalitkala Academy Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
2011: Saptdhara state level Poster Making Competition in Ahmedabad
2013: SrvottamChhatrapuraskarG.D.ModiVidhyasankul (Gold Medal & Prize 7500/)
2013: Saptdhara Zonal Competition Organized by Pramukh swami science & Arts College, Kadi(Gujarat) 2013: Saptdhara Zonal Competition Organized by Pramukh swami science & Arts College, Kadi(Gujarat) 2012: Saptdhara Poster Competition in Palanpur(Gujarat)
2012: SaptdharaCollarge Competition in Palanpur(Gujarat)
2012: Global Warming Painting Competition Organized by Inner Wheel Club Palanpur (Gujarat) 2012: Youth festival Organized by H.N.G.U Patan, Ratanpur (Gujarat)
2011: Youth festival Organized by H.N.G.U Patan, Himmatnagar (Gujarat) 2011: Poster Competition Organized by Election Commision Palanpur,(Gujarat) 2011: Saptdhara Competition Organized by H.N.G.U Patan, Tharad (Gujarat)
2010: Swarnim Gujarat Painting Competition Organized by M.A.Parikh fine arts & arts college, Palanpur 2010: Vyasanmukti Poster Competition in Palanpur
In this world, all people are surrounded by a structural pattern. Patterns are everywhere; in a daily act of life, in daily observation, in phenomena of the physical world, in man-made things etc. this all are created psychological structural pattern because this activates are also became the pattern in daily life. Structural pattern is the combination of lines, space, form, color, a human body, manmade objects the aerial views of nature and land. There are lots of patterns and repetitive activity in my surrounding but I select things according to my aesthetical experience and use them in my practice.
I am fantasized with a similar order of forms and decorations, so I started to include these all in my art practice. I am using animal figure as a metaphor for showing humans act of daily life and their cosmos. Uses of internal body,s forms are showing structure and pattern of them. Body,s forms, repetitive patterns, and geometric pattern are doing collaboration in my work of art and create interest. Interior, Exterior space and fragment element with deferent perspective helping me to build the complex composition. These all things merge together and containing both, a real and an imaginary part. In composition perspective plates are not there, all elements are in one plate which becomes the interesting part.
Paper cuts are recognizable and deferent part of my skill. Because of paper cuts my composition reach on one other illusionary surface. My work gets deferent dimension and creates perspective in my flat plates. This is again creating a large change in visual and compose complex vision.  Every element is overlapped and creates the visual challenge in setup. Blank space and drawing,s white lines grebe viewer,s attraction and also work as an implied line in the complex mixture.   I am always interested in patterns and decoration. Unconsciously this interest developed as my visual language. I am showing that how my interest, observations and conscious act of doing covert in my visual art practice.

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