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  • Artist Name: Mansi Vishwas Sagar
  • Medium: Charcoal on paper
  • Size: 22.00 Inch X 28.00 Inch
  • Year: 2014
  • Status: In Stock
  • Product Code: BART900768
  • Price: 30000 | 362 $

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Artist Resume

Mansi Vishwas Sagar

December 24, 1983


2015 Master of Fine Arts
2010 Diploma in Art Education
2008 Government Diploma in Art
2003 Art Teacher Diploma


2011 Sadhana Kaladalan
2022 Badlapur Art Gallery


2023 ICA Gallery, Jaipur, Rajasthan
2023 On Line100 Art Exhibition by Eminent International Artists Bindaas Artists Group
Art Strokes Group Exhibition 2022 at ICA GALLERY Jaipur
Indian Art Festival 2022, Mumbai
2022 Mahautsav Art Exhibition, N. D. Studio, Karjat
2022 at Tilting Art Gallery, Pune
2022 Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2021 Sheraton Hotel, New Delhi
2020 Sheraton Hotel, New Delhi
2020 Art For Relief, a fundraising art exhibition by the Art Society of India
2019 Fundraising Art Exhibition, Balgandharv Kaladalan Pune
2018 HCGManvata Cancer Center, art exhibition, Nashik
Kusumagraj Smark Art Exhibition 2018, Nashik
2014 Indian Art Festival Neharu Center
2011 Thane Art Gallery


2023 131st Bombay Art Society All India Art Competition, Mumbai
2022 Second Mumbai Biennale J. J. School of Art, December
2022 Devine Play Vasant Rao Online Curatorial Projects Art Exhibition
2022 95th All India Society of Fine Arts and Crafts, New Delhi
2022 Best Awards & International Mini Artwork Exhibition, Indore, M.P.
2022 87th All India National Art Exhibition Amritsar
IAFA National Level Exhibition 2022, Amritsar
2020 J&K Center of Creative Art, international online art exhibition
Kalanirvana National Online Art Exhibition 2020
IAFA National Level Exhibition 2019, Amritsar
2019 EFAC Eastern Art Foundation Odisha, Nationwide Exhibition
2019 Artscape, National Competition for Women Artists, Chandigarh
2019 Kusumagraj smarak, Nashik
Chatak show 2018, nehru center Mumbai
2018 Harmony Art Gallery, Nashik
Maharashtra State Art Exhibition 2018
2017 The Art Society of India
2016 State Art, Maharashtra Art Exhibition
2014 Indian Art Festival Neharu Center
2014 Bombay Art Society
2014 State Art of Maharashtra
2010-2011 Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai
2009-2010 Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai
2009-2010 Shlok Exhibition, Lokmat
2009 Nehru Center (talk programme)
2009 Veh Art Gallery
2009 Dnyansagar Exhibition, Nasik
2009 Nasik kalaniketans state level exhibition


Amrita Sher-Gil Award 2022, Manikarnika Art Gallery national art competition, Zansi, Art beats, Maharashtra kala sanman, Pune
Best Exhibition Award 2021 EFAC Odisa 6th International Online Art Competition
2021 Rani Laksmibai Kalasanman, Jhansi
2021 1st Prize Antas2020 National Art Exhibition and Competition, Kanpur U.P.
2020 27 ArtPoint 7th Nationwide Online Competition, Jodhpur, Silver Award
2020 All India Level Nashik Kalaniketan Best Drawing Award, Nashik
2020 All India level V.V.Oak smriti purskar, Pune
Bronze Medal 2019, Sumbraan Art Foundation National Level Competition, Pune
Nashik Kalaniketan 2018 Best Entry in Art Teachers Section
2017 Nirman Art Foundation Unic style painting nationwide
Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation Award 2016
2014 Award for Best Potrait Exhibition Nasik kalaniketans
2011 Art Society of India, first prize
2011-20012 1st Prize in Chitrakala Mahawidylay Annual Exhibition
2009-2010 1st Shlok Prize, Lokmat exhibition
2008-2009 Consolation Prize Nasik Kalaniketan Annual Exhibition
State Certificate of Artistic Merit 2008
2008 3rd prize Nasik Field Portrait Competition
2007-2008 All India Pune Level VVOke Smruti Award
2007 Team Award at the Rotary Club of Dombiwli
2005-2006 All India level V.V. Oke Smruti Award, Pune



Since the beginning of the image, every good bad experience that has survived to this day has become the subject of images. Art is a great platform to express my sensitive mind! Write unique poetry, dance, music, and form. In each of these abstract art forms, being young and having a child buried inside me helped me become a better art teacher.


I've never really understood that I've fallen in love with the Nude, which is a trend towards realistic work. According to others, I do 'Nude' but I think I do nature photography. Because I believe that the human body is one of nature's best inventions. I am constantly drawn to the sensation of a woman touching a more invisible body, her shape, skin color, light, and an even more invisible mind.


I'm looking forward to finding more emotions. I also say that some women are feminists, even so! In addition to the Nude, I have worked on other subjects, including uplifting portraits, portraits, and sculptures, but not as much love as I have for the Nude! Right now, I can't say if I will only do nude for the rest of my life, but what spills out inside me will be my true art.


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