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imagination expose - 2

  • Artist Name: Nikhil Biswas
  • Art Details: Acrylic on Canvas | 25.00 Inch X 35.00 Inch
  • Year : 2016
  • Status : Sold
  • Authentic: Art work by the original form the artist
  • Product Code: BART857709
  • Price: 20000 | 290 $

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Artist Resume

Nikhil Biswas

Born: January 1974
Education: Applied Art Diploma courses from Lamartiniere seomp society Kolkata
1997: Lamartiniere seomp society, Kolkata.
2007: Jenesis Art Gallery, Kolkata.
2000: Sarat Sadan, Howrah.
2007: Santa Art Gallery, New Delhi.
2002: Annual state Charukala Utsav, Kolkata.
2007: Rotary Sadan, Kolkata.
2003: Ing Vysya Bank, Mumbai.
2008: Gallery Theme, Kolkata,
2004: Artist circle, Kolkata.
2008: Jenesis Art Gallery, Kolkata.
2004: Gaganendra Pradarshansala, Kolkata.
2008: Gallery E- Paintings, New Delhi, London
2004: Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata.
2008: Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai
2004: Metropolitan Art Salon, annual exhibition Kolkata.
2009: Birla Academy, Kolkata.
2005: Lalitkala Academy, Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi.
2009: Chemold Art Gallery, Kolkata.
2005: Lokayata Gallery, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi
2009: Indian Habitat Centre, Delhi.
2006: India Habitat Center, New Delhi.
2009: Japan Consulate, Delhi.
2006: Gallery 52D, Kolkata.
2009: South City, Kolkata
2006: Gallery E- Paintings, New Delhi.
2010: Academy of Fine Arts Annual
2006: Mystic Art Gallery, New Delhi.
Exhibition, Kolkata
2011: Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata.
2012: Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi
2014: Harshada Art  Gallery,Goa
2010: Nehru Centre, Mumbai
2013: Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2007: Chemould Art Gallery, Kolkata
2008: Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata
2008: Taj Bengal, Kolkata
Founder member of Cadmium Group
Member of Indian National Forum of Art and Culture
Collection:     many private collections in India & Abroad.
2003: Participated in Camel art Painting, arts acre
2004: Participated in Vikalp art shop at Swabhumi
2005: Participated in Kolkata Book fair art painting
2005: Participated in Tsunami foundation art painting at Academy of fine art, Kolkata
2006: Participated in I.N.F.A.C Art camp at Salt Lake
2006: Participated in Birla Kala Mela at Birla Academy, Kolkata
2007: Participated in I.N.F.A.C Art camp at Salt Lake
2010: Fish dept. Art camp at the salt lake, Kolkata. Modern Paintings,

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