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  • Artist Name: Uma Sankar Pathak
  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
  • Size: 84 Inch X 66 Inch
  • Year: 2022
  • Status: In Stock
  • Product Code: BART584630
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Artist Resume

Uma Sankar Pathak



Bachelor of Fine Arts from College of Art & Crafts, Patna, 2007
Master of Fine Arts from Pracheen Kala Kendra Chandigarh 2009
Master of Fine Arts from Venkateshwar Open University 2020


Mistiq Art Gallery January 2008
Urban Mirror Lalit Kala Akademi New Delhi, 2011
Apparo Art Galleries, Chennai December, 2012
Apparo Art Galleries, The Lodhi Hotel, New Delhi, January 2013
Beyond Boundaries by Apparao Art Gallery 2016
Crossing Over Solo Show presented Apparo art Gallery 1 nov 30 nov 2021
Project A @Magnolias artspace 15nov 2022 to 7march 2023


Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, 2011
Collage of art and Crafts Patna, 2007


Kala Mela, Varanasi 2004
Nandlal Basu Kala Dirgha, Patna 2003,2004
Virgo Art Gallery, Lucknow 2006
College of Arts & Crafts, Patna 2006
The Art People Group Show ,Travanecore Art Gallery, New Delhi 2008
Fusion Group Exhibition By Artlinks, Gurgaon 2008
Group Show ,Travanecore Art Gallery, New Delhi 2008
ARTWORLD, Chennai,Tamil Nadu, August 2008
Indo British Art Foundation Exhibition, UK 2009
Lalit Kala Akademi New Delhi Group Exhibition January 2010
Apparo Art Gallery Chennai 18x18 Group Show 2010
Art Alive Gallery New Delhi Turn The Tables Group Show 2010
Lalit Kala Akademi New Delhi Group Exhibition July 2010
Apparo Art Gallery, Channey18x18 Group Show New Delhi 2010
Hotal Surya New Delhi 2012
Lalit Kala Akademi New Delhi Group Exhibition October 2010
Shridharni Art Gallery New Delhi, November 2010
Travanecore Art Gallery, New Delhi march 2009
Art on The Move 2013 Organized by Apparao Galleries, The Lodhi Hotel, New Delhi
Surya Hotel, Group Show, New Delhi 2012
Nvya Galleries (Within Reach IV Summer 2013,14,
Hidden History of Geography 2013 organised by Apparao Galleries & Manave agrawal The Lodhi Hotel, New Delhi
Art for Life lll Organised by Aapsa art Present ,Lalit Kala Akademi, New delhi 2013
Apparao Art Gallery at lila palace Chennai
Alliance Frances New Delhi 2015
Art Positive Gallery presented Art Spotting Group show New Delhi 2014
Strength to strength Apparao Art Gallery 2016, Lodhi Hotel
Gallery sree mediating dreams ..Visual arts gallery new Delhi 2017
Art on the move ,Apparao art gallery lodhi hotel 2013
MOMUS,Greece Group show presented by Gallery Onkafs new delhi 2017
Lets Get Phygital Trinity art Gallery Mumbai 18 nov 2022 feb 23
Shailjas Studio Group Show nov 2022
Gandhi or Gandhi ka India .Department of Financial Management new Delhi 1 october 2022
Trinity art Gallery present Group show Mumbai 2022
Gallery pioneer present Panoramic view of Bihar 2022
Under the white sky Group exhibition Arpana kaur Gallery 5 June 2022
Shailjas Studio Group Show SPECTRUM april 2022
Vayam Navam origanised by Aapsa art & Shailjas Studio 26 feb 2022
TAP India Crossing Over art Show presented Apparo art Gallery 2020
Journey Beyond presents Gallery 1000 A 15th Dec 2020


Centre for Social Development & Studies( C.S.D.S) Painting 25th May 2004
11th Youth Festival, Patna 2006
Variation, Painting Work Shop & Exhibition State art Gallery, Hyderabad 2006
Variation, Exhibition & Work Shop College of Arts & Crafts, Patna 2007
Variation, Exhibition & Work Shop Lalit Kala Academy, Chennai 2007
Organized By Krishna art Collection, Hotel Janpath, New Delhi 2008
Indo British Art Foundation Camp,Patna 2008 2009
Lalit Kala Academy Orisha Camp, 2009
Khushi N.G.O., New Delhi,France Embassy, 2008
Lalit Kala Akademi Camp, Udaipur 2010
Lalit Kala Akademi Camp, Tripura 2010
Lalit Kala Akademi New Media Camp, Silchar University, 2011
Lalit Kala Akademi Camp Shilong, 2012
Lalit Kala Akademi & ICCR Patna, 2012
Mid Career Artist Camp Patna 6th 11th March 2019
Republic of Slovenia Embassy new Delhi Gallery Sree 2022
Yamuna Utsav new Delhi Presented Gallery Sree 2021


A.I.F.C.S. 2003 State Level
Youth Convention, Patna Womens College, 2004
Camlin Art Foundation 2004 East Zone
College Annual Exhibition 2002
Kalankan Prayaas, Dhanbad 2005
Golden Brush Kolkata 2006
Camlin Art Foundation 2008 North Zone
Dhoomimal Art Gallery new delhi 2009


Red Cross Society, South Korea, International Poster Competition, 2004, 2nd Award.
Bihar State Pollution Control Board, Patna 2004, 1st Award
National Poster Competition, Mumbai 2005, 2nd Award.



My canvases present a concrete vista of urbanity synchronized with the nuances of rural life. They affirmatively speak about the spontaneous and restless acts of the migrated day laborers. The imageries further tend in mirroring the rigidity and flexibility of the urban-rural life suggested through the constructive abstract forms. The street lights, zebra, zebra-crossing, etc act as a metaphor for such urban rigidity as opposed to the plow-share, mostly seen in my earlier paintings as a central object or platform projecting the concept of nothing in everything.Here I quoted nothing in everything, in order to emphasize the very nature of mens vast expectation that- he runs after everything and when he gets everything, he is satisfied by nothing.


As an artist, I took this as a subject in revealing my artistic emotions, for the reason that I too am a man of blood and flash and like every other individual I have also remained a victim of the so-called expectation. Moreover, personally, I have been hailed from a farmer family and then came to this city as a migrant with eyes full of desires. So, when I see the roaming numbers on the roads, stations, buses, etc., I just amaze thinking about their degree of expectation and to what extent are they going to be satisfied.


Therefore, most often I try to communicate this flavor of an unending quest to my audience-either physically or virtually. In my installation work Expecting the Expectation, I made one such attempt to make anybody understand the de-limiting attitude of the term expectation itself.


In Look- inside/outside, I used the flames of smoke in the glass of the window to create a dreamy-cloudy atmosphere, from which he merge several interesting forms that seemed to fascinate me for a time longer. During my childhood, when I used to seat for my lunch, most often I used to see a plane flying outside in the sky through the window of the kitchen. Most interestingly that window was in front of the earthen hearth, so the plane appears to me sometimes in the midst of the clouds while some other times against the smoky flames of the hearth. This put me in a very situation and I just wondered to know the facts related to its mechanism, who are they sitting there, where are they going, how do they feel when they cross the clouds, can I ever sit there or what I am seeing is nothing but a toy of my play.


Again, in The blackest air I tried to express my grief that human civilization has gifted the nature-the polluted air all around is a definition of mens vast expectations.


In Towards the Death or Birth, I have displayed a number of scenes showing a burning hut-the different stages of burning, till it turns into ashes. In this work, I just tried to put a question in my viewers minds, Is this the beginning or an end.


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