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  • Artist Name: Pradip Sarkar
  • Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
  • Size: 30 Inch X 30 Inch
  • Year: 2022
  • Status: In Stock
  • Product Code: BART-133440
  • Price: | 1 $

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Artist Resume

Pradip Sarkar

1961 Dhanbad


Self-Taught Artist



Pradip was born in Dhanbad, Jharkhand state. He has been recognized in contemporary Indian art since 1995. He graduated in commerce from Ranchi University and has a Pradiploma in Fine Arts from the British Institute of Mumbai.


Pradip has received certificates and cash awards of merit from The Hindustan Times, New Delhi in 1995 and has been nominated in the India 5000 Best MSME Award for Individual Contributors in Visual Arts Sectors - 2017 and 2018.


Pradip has held 5 solo exhibitions and participated in more than 35 group exhibitions at important venues. This includes exhibitions such as those of MF Hussain, Prince of Wales Museum - Mumbai, Lalit Kala Academy - Bhubaneswar, Academy of Fine Arts - Kolkata, Jehangir Art Gallery - Mumbai, Indian Academy of Fine Arts - Amritsar, the World Trade Center - Mumbai etc. He has worked at several national and international events and has participated in numerous camps, workshops, and live demonstrations across the country. He has also created a large outdoor-themed sculpture for the IIT academic complex, ISM Dhanbad Jharkhand (2006).


His works are found in collections in Germany, the USA, and India and have also found a place in collections like Lalit Kala Akademi-Bhubaneswar, The Hindustan Times-New Delhi, IIT Dhanbad, INSCOL Pvt. Limited. Ltd. - Chandigarh, LODHA COSTIERA - Mumbai, ABHIJEET BHATTACHARJEE, ANU MALIK and SHARDA, (Bollywood Personalities), ANU SUBRAMANIAM, USA and many more.


Pradip currently lives and works in Mumbai.



I firmly believe that human beings are the most unique creation in the universe. The spiritual realm that surrounds the multitude of humanity is indeed my source of inspiration. Most importantly, my unwavering belief is that each individual is imbued with a wide diversity and, collectively, I am very attracted to his restless and hard-working attitude. Sometimes people are careless and depressed in spirit, and other times they can be charmed and enlightened. At this moment, all those voices, emotions, joys, and sadnesses are for me the driving force and the prologue of my work.


I have been working hard with my brush and pigments for the last twenty-five years or more to express the various human moods. I don't know what my next painting will be, but the canvas guides me and I follow it. The series of my recent paintings titled Rhythm and Melodies is a saga of momentum in which the events depicted inspire others. Love, affection, innocence, and celebration are at the root of my sonata.


A few years ago, when I embarked on the idea of working on the subject of my first painting titled Musicians, I found myself completely charged and infused with energy. The dhol, which is supposed to be the most religious drum in India, gave me strength, and a flute, a musical instrument, crept into my subconscious mind. All of this has helped me create the desired environment for my subjects with the best expression and effect required. Finally, I do not believe that a message can be imposed on my work at all costs. The art itself should be your final message.


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