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  • Artist Name: Rohan Bhavsar
  • Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
  • Size: 12 Inch X 8 Inch
  • Year: 2023
  • Status: In Stock
  • Product Code: BART955240
  • Price: 2500 | 30 $

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Artist Resume

Rohan Bhavsar

November 23, 2000 Jalgaon, Maharashtra


2019-2022 Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune


2022 Balgandhar va kaladalan pune
2022 Mani karni ka art gallery online
2022 PNGadgil Art Gallery Pune
2022 PN Gadgil Art Gallery Pune
2022 PNGadgil Jalgaon Art Gallery
2022 Yashvant Rao chavhan kaladalan Pune
2023 Chitrasante Kala Parishad Bengaluru
Chandrapur Rotary Club Event 2023
2023 Tulsi Art Group Exhibition in Pune


Elementary Annual Exhibition 2019



I am Rohan Bhavsar. I am an artist. I love painting landscapes because I feel that it is something essential that helps me live and explore. Plus, it helps me earn my bread and butter. I come from Jalgaon city in Maharashtra. So maybe my paintings give and create a feeling of warmth because I come from a city that has always been warmer.


I use oils and acrylic colors to paint. I use a knife and its technique to paint on canvas. I love painting and capturing the intense heat of the sun in my paintings and I also love painting the old places in my city that impacted me as a child. I paint all those memories and make patchwork with the help of a knife on canvas.


Nature always rejuvenates itself and surprises us many times and I try to see that and apply it in my work according to my perception. Nature has an innate and infinite truth and I enjoy all its possibilities when I am painting.


I love painting with thick layers of colors on canvas as if I were applying colorful clay to the canvas. I feel like this kind of intensity of colors is nothing more than hunger in my eyes. I also notice the grayish tone in everything I see in nature, maybe my eyes are trained to do that. I try to apply this while painting. But I assure you that I will not let the painting look boring.


I love the form of impressionism. Impressionists like Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet are my inspiration. That's why I love patchwork techniques and color loads. I love nature and I try to see myself as an inseparable part of nature and painting allows me to do so.


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