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The world in the Eyes

  • Artist Name: Ashok Karkaria
  • Art Details: Mix-media on paper | 20.00" x 28.00" Inches | 2017
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  • Authentic: Art work by the original form the artist
  • Product Code: BART912451
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Artist Resume


Born in 1992, Dangabadi, Rayagda, Odisha
Currently Living in, New Delhi
Ashok's artworks can be described as narrative impressionistic portraits which display a whirlwind of emotions, expressions, and presence of mind. Some believe that this type of artistic talent comes with age, whereas some say it is inborn but the artist says that "this skill comes with practice". This freelance artist was amazed by figurative paintings since childhood. He has keen eyes and thus he is able to capture every interesting human on paper. He works brilliantly with all techniques but masters in charcoal, pencil, and watercolors.
To put most of my academic knowledge into practice in persuade of a successful career. Self-motivated & confident professional with my Art & Painting skills ready to work in any Art environment.
From 2015-   Pursuing BFA in IFA, Modinagar 
2012-2015  -Complete BBA in IIMT, Bhubaneswar, Under Utkal University, Odisha 
2017  -  National Central Zone Kalanand Prafulla Dhanukar Award Foundation
2017  -  Bitmap Makers, New Delhi
2015  - Best Artwork Display in IFA in 14th Annual Day
2014  - Poster Design Award from Asian School Of Management, BBSR
2013  - Rangoli Design from IMI, BBSR
2018  - Exhibition & Workshop in Monad University
2017  - Group Exhibition in Nehru Art Gallery, Mumbai
2017  - Workshop in IFA, Modinagar
Experience in Textile Design

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