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Song of the village series - V

  • Artist Name: Artist Group
  • Medium: Acrylic, Pen and Ink on Canvas
  • Size: 12 Inch X 12 Inch
  • Year: 2019
  • Status :
  • Product Code: BART696394
  • Price: | 1 $
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Why do people buy art?

People buy art because it makes their lives and themselves more interesting. People have a deep need to enrich their lives, to have interesting things to talk about with others. We need stories in our lives because stories make our own story more interesting and more fun. We need to have something to say. Art is art and it’s of enormous social and cultural value. Disposable pop culture, by contrast, has nothing to do with art. Simply because human beings need to have interesting and remarkable things in their lives. And that need is so deeply rooted, that for some people even will do. Most people would answer along the lines of status appeal; or cultural appreciation; or aesthetic awareness and so on. Valid reasons. Then there’s the more utilitarian type of motivation to buy art: The need to liven up a street or a room; or a need to provide a visual and emotional breath of fresh air for employees. Maybe simply something to make your house more beautiful or fill that space under the staircase. But all those reasons are sort of secondary. Behind all those,  here is one central, umbrella-type reason, and it’s a psychological thing that’s deeply engraved in our subconscious. Has been since ancient times. They do share one thing though: They are both incredibly popular, each with their audience. Now before you think I consider art comparable to in any way: I don’t. 


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