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"Every Child is an artist. The Problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up"-Pablo Picasso.

Som Das

BORN – 1979

2009 M.F.A 1st Class, Rabindra Bharati University
2007 B.V.A 1st Class, Rabindra Bharati University


2010 Annual Exhibition Of Birla Academy Of Art & Culture 
2010, 11 Emami Chezel Organized By Art Fair 
2010 Kolkata Art House Organized Art Fair At 79 Art Gallery, Kolkata 
2010 Gallery Nakshatra Sponsored Solo Show In Kolkata 
2009 Kala Mela In Birla Academy Of Art & Culture 
2009 Annual Exhibition Of Academy Of Fine Arts 
2009 “GEN NEXT IV” Akriti Art Gallery 
2009 Annual Exhibition Of Rabindra Bharati University 
2009 Rajya Charukala Barshik Pradarshani
2009 An Exhibition Sponsored By Gallery Exposure 
2008 Rajya Charukala Barshik Pradarshani 
2008 State Academy Annual Exhibition 
2008 Aranya Art Exhibition 
2008 Exhibition Organized By Nirman 
2007 Group Show In Birla Academy Of Art & Culture 
2005 Oriental Art Exhibition
2003 Annual Exhibition Of Rabindra Bharati University

2009 Certificate Of Merit By Academy Of Fine Arts
2008 State Academy Award

Indian Miniature paintings have greatly influenced Soma Das and are the main inspiration behind her colorful creations. The society during the Mughal period, the ways of lives of the people during that period have had a deep impression on her. She is also swayed by the present society, the environment and the day to day lives of the people around her. Her paintings portray different kinds of human beings and their varied natures in subdued colors making each artwork more attractive and expressive. Painting people in different situations is what Soma Das loves doing best and each work of art comes forth with a unique emotion similar to the artist,s thoughts.

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