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"Every Child is an artist. The Problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up"-Pablo Picasso.

Dhiraj Choudhury



2018 Kolkata


Government College of Arts & Crafts, Kolkata and Delhi Polytechnic (Delhi College of Art).


Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Calcutta and All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society, New Delhi.
1998 - '50 Years Struggle for Freedom' a retrospective, Rabindra Bhavan, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi.
1999 - 'At The Threshold of The New Millennium', Kumar Gallery, New Delhi.
2000 - Traveling exhibition, Sweden; Mural on 'Love', South of France; paintings 'Love' exhibited at the Millennium Festival, St. Albans, UK
St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. 2001 - Retrospective, Water Colour 1955-2000, at Art Konsult New Delhi


2011 'Melange', The Harrington Street Arts Centre, Kolkata


2010 'Celebration 2010', Annual Exhibition, Kumar Art Gallery, New Delhi
2009 Annual Exhibition, La-Mere, Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture, Kolkata


The work of Dhiraj Choudhury born in 1936 should be classified as dynamic and line-based choreography. His restless stroke says a lot both in drawing and in painting. His various portfolios of Drawings, some made abroad during his foreign travels, are a gem of art to be preserved for posterity. The paintings of him well of him could attract the epithet of "Saga".


They are telling narratives about the contemporary situation, both social and political. His characters defy tradition or iconographic niceties. Provocative and increasingly agile, endowed with a sharp sense of humor, Dhiraj Choudhary makes his audience join and participate in the activity that is presented in the pictorial space.


Born in Bengal in the 1930s, Dhiraj Choudhury has witnessed not only the incessant struggle for freedom but also the Great Bengal Famine (1943) which periodically changed the image of the benevolent Raj in the minds of the Indian people. Revolutionaries like Khudiram Bose, Aurobindo Ghosh, Rasbihari Bose, Subhash Chandra Bose, etc. they have informed his mind about the realities of contemporary India that were on the move and moving towards a different national mold taking its place among equals.


On the credit side, Dhiraj Choudhary has served as a professor of art at the Delhi College of Art and has the distinction of training many budding artists whose exemplary careers have brought a good name to both the institution and its professors. Dhiraj Choudhary, in addition to his own creative endeavors, has also designed and executed projects on humanity and social values, as well as holding more than 75 solo exhibitions of his own works, in India and abroad.


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