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"Every Child is an Artist. The Problem is How to Remain an Artist once we Grow up"-Pablo Picasso.


Sukanta Chowdhury

December 31, 1981


2007 BVA from Government College of Art and Craft Kolkata
2004 Bachelor of Science from the University of Calcutta


2012 Academy of Fine Arts


2011 Ganges Art Gallery
2011 Birla Academy of Art and Culture
2011 Positive Art Gallery
2010 Academy of Fine Arts
2010 Gallery 52d
2009 Academy of Fine Arts
2009 Chemould Art Gallery
2009 Chitrakoot Art Gallery
2008 Academy of Fine Arts
2008 Ganges Art Gallery
2007 Samokal Art Gallery
2007 Angan Art Gallery
2007 Yapan Chitra
2007 Taj Bengal
2006 Academy of Fine Arts


2011 Annual Exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts
2010 Reflection of Another Day
2010 Year of the All India Society of Fine Arts and Crafts
2009 Annual Exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts
2009 State Academy Annual Exhibition
2009-11 Birla Academy of Art and Culture
Charukala Annual Exhibition 2009
Charukala Annual Exhibition 2008
2008 State Academy Annual Exhibition
2007 Annual Exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts
Charukala Annual Exhibition 2006
Charukala Annual Exhibition 2005
2005-07 Annual exhibition in Govt. Faculty of Arts and Crafts
2004-06 Annual exhibition at the Indian Society of Oriental Art


Best Sculpture Award from the Academy of Fine Arts 2016, Kolkata
2010 All India Society of Fine Arts and Crafts Award
2010 Aranya rad Award, Kolkata
Governor's Award Gold Medal from the Academy of Fine Arts 2009, Kolkata
State Academy Award 2009, Kolkata
2005-2006 Government Certificate of Merit. Faculty of Arts and Crafts



Sukanta Chowdhury, the young sculptor from West Bengal, has his inner vision to see the world. He has broken the niche of conservatism and saccharine chauvinism and created new beginnings for a purely romantic and fantasy world. Sukanta's childhood days until he passed out at Kolkata's Government College of Art and Craft have been a great struggle, but he finally made a breakthrough.


Each artist and creator in each field has a different and diverse perception of life, here is no exception. His sensual sculptures dive deep into our minds to think beyond Nihil Ultra. They embody greatness, space, oblivion, and age within a limit. His works are a representation of new thoughts that expand our imaginative faculty. He turns the simple fruit seller into the main attraction of the town. The seller's keen intention to see through others and beyond, to shout and call out to buyers has made the artist realize the powerful double pair of eyes and two lips of him.


He has won an award from our Honorable Governor of West Bengal, India, for this very innovative creation. An artist is first a thinker before creating. The vision or thought process here also acts as a theme for Sukanta. His sculptures are a bright light in this pessimistic world. Nowadays, in this rotten world, people cannot find what they are looking for, simplicity is hindered by materialism. He thinks everyone needs a means to see through him. Thus, the viewer finds life, simplicity, and hidden emotions through the frame of the glasses. The mind of a creator is filled with imaginative thoughts that pass through the wide spectrum of his eyes with mental themes.


Of those thousands of thoughts, only one or two take on the true color, while others are in process. This mode of creative frenzy forms his next work, Representation of Thought. He has experimented with various mediums, from wood, bronze, glass, glass, metal and stone. The means are identical but the forms are new.


He has created the mythological figures Ma Durga and his opponent Ravana in the form of a safety pin. He is the one who has seen and shown power in the mighty little safety pin. The other sculptures of him are designed by the large size of his legs, which according to the artist are what maintain his balance and strength. The solitary musician, the thinker, is created with long, thin legs to mark his parched but domineering existence. His thoughts are universal and unique.


He has portrayed the relationships between celestial bodies by the magnitude of the large and small ones and the space they occupy. All the smaller bodies gather with the larger ones for protection and companionship. Like William Wordsworth, the great poet of all time, he has a deep respect for nature.


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