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"Every Child is an Artist. The Problem is How to Remain an Artist once we Grow up"-Pablo Picasso.


Kartick Chandra Pyne

November 16, 1931 Calcutta


September 17, 2017 Kolkata


1955 Diploma in Fine Arts, Government College of Arts and Crafts, Calcutta.


2009 Aakriti Art Gallery, Kolkata
2007 Art Consult, New Delhi
1993 Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai
1992 Gandhara Art Gallery, Calcutta
1991, 92, 93, 95, 97, 2001 Chitrakoot Art Gallery, Kolkata
1967, 80, 82 Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta
1961 Indian Fine Arts and Crafts Society (AIFACS), New Delhi


2010 Painters' Perception of Images and Symbols, Aakriti Art Gallery, Kolkata
1992 Organized by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) in Bangladesh
1991 Calcutta 300, Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Calcutta
1988 Drawing Exhibition, Chandigarh
1968 Jehangir Art Gallery, Bombay


2003 Demonstrations, organized by Delhi Art Gallery at the World Trade Centre, Mumbai and Delhi Art Gallery, New Delhi.
1994 Eighth Indian Triennale, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi
Asian art exhibition, organized by Chitrakoot Art Gallery in Singapore
1979 100 Years of Modern Indian Art, Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan
1968-87 Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi


1980-86 Indian Cultural Trust Scholarship, Calcutta
1968-69 Calcutta Academy of Fine Arts Scholarship
1966, 69, 73, 76 Prize of the Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta
1973.74 Mahakoshal Kala Parishad Award



Kartick Chandra Pyne was born in 1931 in Calcutta and received his diploma in Fine Arts from the College of Arts and Crafts in the same city.


Pyne was an artist far ahead of his time. While his contemporaries were still experimenting with impressionist and post-impressionist styles and techniques on their canvases and painting under the influence of the works of Gauguin and Cezanne, Kartick Pyne was carried away by the aesthetics of the post-Cubist European language. Artists such as Fernand Leger, Marcel Duchamp, and Joan Miro inspired him. He was one of the few Indian painters who, by breaking with tradition, showed that the Indian art scene at that time was stagnant and its products redundant.


When Pyne began painting professionally, the common emphasis was on realism. They all painted the rational and the beautiful. He tried to paint according to what was expected of an artist for some time, but the pioneer in him made Pyne begin to introduce irrational elements into his work and began to express his feelings on the canvas without any inhibitions. Kartick Pyne did not allow himself to be limited to painting only what was real and therefore acceptable. In this artist's work we see the use of inscrutable and complicated metaphors, which only he can explain, and what critics call free-form images. Pyne was concerned with the spiritual and in his characteristic canvases we see an almost automatic outpouring of everything he feels. He chose his colors not for their visual appeal, but for what they meant to him. The random and surreal elements of his works are rooted in his perception of the world and the people in it.


Pyne, who was the elder brother of renowned modernist Ganesh Pyne, had several solo exhibitions in India and participated in several exhibitions internationally, including 100 Years of Modern Indian Art held at the Fukuoka Museum, Japan, in 1979 and the exhibition of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations in Bangladesh, held in 1992.


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